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TitleLocal News
CollectionAlbany Cine Club
ThemeCine Club Film-making
KeywordsAircraft Airports Bicycles Building Construction Festival of Britain (1951) Games Royalty Sport
LocalBrighton Shoreham-by-Sea Hove Southwick
RegionalBrighton and Hove East Sussex West Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionAlbany Production Film Unit
ParticipantsSeveral of the RAF pilots are identified in the intertitles
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
Duration11 min.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A compilation filmed by a local cine society showing events around Brighton, Hove and Southwick.


The compilation opens with the Albany Productions Film Unit crest followed by the title “Local News 1951”.

Illuminations on Brighton’s Palace Pier, the seafront and Victoria Gardens at night are followed by firework displays. A brief scene of three boys running along the street in Brighton is entitled “Boys Brigade runners take Festival message to King”. Crowds at the velodrome in Preston Park watch international cycle races.

An Air Display at Shoreham airport begins with exterior shots of the airport building. Shots of the RAF Vampire jet in flight over the estuary and Lancing chapel. Aerobatics by three biplanes; they fly in formation, loop the loop and fly upside down. Further shots show the airport building and the biplanes taxiing. There is a brief shot of a parachute descent and views over the crowd watching. The sequence ends with an RAF Meteor jet performing aerobatics and flying low past the crowds.

“Princess Elizabeth Visits Hove”: shots of the expectant crowd. The Princess steps out of car and is greeted by the Mayor and other dignitaries. There is a brief shot of the Princess waving from a moving car. A crowd gathers outside Hove Town Hall which is decorated with Union Jacks and bunting. The crowds wave flags as the Princess exits the building. Her car leaves through crowded streets. “Southwick Power Station takes Shape”: a panning shot across the building site in the harbour shows the power station under construction, the chimney not yet complete. A Regency cricket match takes place on Hove lawns as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations; views of the buildings along the seafront include Embassy Court. “Albany film Unit at Work”: shows members of the Albany Film Unit filming a production. Silhouettes of man with movie camera on tripod, and man and woman walking hand in hand on the South Downs conclude this compilation.


A still from Local News (1951) - a man with a cine cameraA still from Local News (1951) - two men with a cine camera

Contextual information

The Albany Film Unit was an amateur cine club based in Southwick, West Sussex. Following the death if its Chairman Sid Mitchell, the club folded in the early 1990s. The local newsreel was a popular format with cine clubs. Compiling a number of items, usually filmed by several members throughout the year, was a relatively trouble-free method of producing a varied film, of interest to all members and of reasonable length. This particular compilation is fairly modest in length at 11 minutes, often compilations might run to an hour or more. Working in this way meant that individual members could film local events and points of interest throughout the year and the results, when edited together would form a neat (though not always comprehensive) year book. As seen towards the end of this compilation, cine club members often had a penchant for turning their cameras on themselves.

Other examples of locally produced newsreels in Screen Archive South East’s collection include Bognor Regis Review (1951) by Albany Productions Film Unit and Leatherhead Newsreel (1939 - 1945). The Haywards Heath Cine and Video Society also continue to make local newsreels on video, Mid Sussex Newsreel (2002) and Mid Sussex Newsreel (2003). There are shots of the Albany Cine Club (Southwick) carnival float in [Family Yearbook] (ca. 1972), filmed by Mr Greenyer.

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