Title ID 3741Collection ID71
TitleFestival Year + Summer Interlude + Lancing Old Time Dance Association
Date1951, 1953
KeywordsBeaches Bicycles Boats Children Communities Family Fairgrounds Food Holidays Motor Vehicles Parades Steamships Beachwear Fancy dress Transport Dance
LocalShoreham-by-Sea Goodwood [?[ Alfriston Wickham Weymouth Lulworth Cove Canterbury Folkestone
RegionalWest Sussex East Sussex Kent
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFrank Kessler
CameraFrank Kessler
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
Duration12 min. 55 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


Scenes of a parade through Shoreham, a family holiday in Sussex and outings to Weymouth and Kent by the Lancing Old Time Dance Association, filmed and compiled with intertitles by Frank Kessler.


"Most places had festival celebrations"

A souvenir book reads ‘Processions & Pageants 14th July, Shoreham through the ages'. Floats, motorcars, bicycles decorated with flags and flowers participate in a parade. A young girl presents a woman with flowers on a platform, seen from the crowd.

"Summer Interlude: Criticism by Dorothy Kessler"

An intertitle reads: 'Some people like this:' Crowds attending the races are seen in a panning shot. Bookies stand in front of lists of names chalked up on blackboards. Bets are placed. The races are seen from the stand and beside the track. An interitle reads: 'Others endure this:' a family visits Alfriston Clergy House and the village centre. Views of the church steeple rising from behind trees is included. An intertitle reads: 'Others enjoy this:' a woman and her daughter pick their way across the beach wearing bathing costumes. The woman is seen in close up, smiling. The girl poses for the camera holding a bucket. They put their sun dresses on to sit on the side of a rowing boat on the beach. A couple ride horses along the beach. An interititle reads: 'Whist others enjoy this:' the family is seen relaxing in a domestic garden from an elevated position. An older woman is seen at the gate, surrounded by roses. A young woman sun bathes, wiggling her feet. A final intertitle reads: 'But none of us like - the last day of a holiday.' Two women wearing sun dresses stand on the groynes with a suited man and young girl. They play a ball game. The End.

"Kessler pressents... Lancing Old Time Dance Association: Outing to Weymouth"

A group stands at a bus station. ‘Don’t know what these two are up to.’ A couple point and smile to the camera. ‘Later we got thirsty again - beneath the trees obviously.’ Some drink beer from glasses by the bus (Wally's Private Hire). ‘Weymouth for lunch.’ Deck chairs litter the beach. A fair entertains visitors with swingboats and a merry-go-round. ‘The swans were there also’. A small group look down at the swans and ducks from a bridge. ‘On to Lulworth Cove.’ The exterior of Lulworth Cove Hotel is seen. The grassy banks that run down to the beach are seen. ‘Are these folk trying to catch steamer?’ A steamer ship pulls away and out of the cove, "Too late!" ‘So they paddled their feet instead’. ‘These people took their own boat’. ‘Others sat or stood around’. Women are seen looking over the cliff edge. ‘Mind you. Don’t fall girls’. Footage of the sea as waves crash against the cliffs below follows. ‘Tat ta for now’. The women wave at the camera as they walk away. ‘All together now before leaving’. The group poses for a portrait in front of the bus. ‘A stop on the way home to empty the bottles’. Group members drink from glasses in the countryside. ‘Brings to a close a very pleasant day’. Members of the association climb back onto the bus. ‘Coronation year dancing on the green - it wasn’t half hot’. Dance demonstrations follow, including folk dances and partner dances, under the bunting. '1953 Outing to Canterbury and Folkestone’. The group drinks from tea cups and eats sandwiches, talking amongst themselves. The women wear patterned dresses. Views of Canterbury castle keep and historic streets follow. The camera pans across the cathedral to its steeples. Folkstone Bay's industrial harbour and cranes are seen beyond the promenade. A docked steamer ship waits in port. The End.