Title ID 3652Collection ID47
Title[Sussex Holiday]
CollectionRay Smith
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsBoats Animals Cars Domestic Gardens Plants Landscape Lakes Holidays
RegionalWest Sussex Hertfordshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRay Smith
CameraRay Smith
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
Duration14 min. 55 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


Scenes of trips to visit friends, cricket matches, pubs and a boating lake, filmed by Ray Smith.


Title card: "August 1965 with Glad and Bill." Animated titles: "Glad and Bill on a Sussex Holiday 1965" (written in pencil). Views of Sussex countryside open the film. Sheep graze in the foreground, a windmill is in view behind. A couple sit on a sofa inside, grinning at the camera. A couple stand by their car on a residential street. Three women and two men stand together in a garden. A cricket match is in process. Two young boys chase each other with buckets of water by an outdoor swimming pool. Mrs. Smith is seen in a blue dress by a horse's paddock.

"Harpenden" (intertitle). Mrs. Smith walks down the high street in a cream coloured wool coat. She is seen at the butchers. Mrs. Smith and friends sit in deck chairs in a garden. One man uses a stick to walk to the car. A sign reading "The Gibraltar Castle" is shown. A man greets the group outside his house, collecting their cases. His garden is full of flowers and flower beds. Exterior views of the modern red brick house from the garden follow. The camera pans across beds bursting with colourful flowers in bloom. The borders and lawn in the front garden are also seen. Mrs. Smith and a friend stroke horses in a paddock from behind the gate. Mr. Smith [?] is seen with his arm around Mrs. Smith in the garden.

The Toby Jug pub is seen from its front garden. Children play cricket. Boating lake scenes follow. Boats are moored at the foreground jetties while sailing boats move across behind. Mrs. Smith wears a smart black suit. She is seen walking in the garden of flowers with a dog and a younger woman. She holds the dog in her arms, smiling at the camera.