Title ID 3620Collection ID273
TitleSt. John Ambulance
Date1966 - 1967
CollectionGreenyer Family
ThemePublic Services
KeywordsAccidents Health Services
LocalBrighton and Hove [?]
RegionalBrighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionJim Greenyer
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
Duration21min. 29sec.
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This film produced by the Sellaby House Film Group promotes the work of the St. John Ambulance first aid charity. People are involved in accidents in four fictional scenarios. The film shows the wrong and then the right way to administer first aid in each situation.


Titles: "HELP", "Filmed by F.E.C. Sellaby House Film Group 1966-67", "Assisted by Hangleton & Hove Division [St. John Ambulance logo]


Shots of two boys working in a workshop. One boy cuts his hand with a chisel. Title: "Is this how you would have helped". The other boy looks at the wound; close-up shot of first aid kit on the wall. The boys covers the wound with a dirty handkerchief. Title: "Now see the right treatment". This time the boy sits the wounded boy down and administers first aid using equipment from from the box.


Shot of a kitchen; a lady boils a pan of water on the stove. She turns and knocks the pan of water, scalding her arm. Title: "Why oh why?". Another woman enters the kitchen and starts to prick the blisters with a knitting needle, she then rubs butter (?) into the wound. The wounded lady collapses. This time, a St. John Ambulance woman enters the kitchen and sits the woman down. She places the scalded arm in a sink full of cold water and then bandages the wound.


Shots of a woman vacuuming the stairs. A man coming down the stairs trips on a vacuum attachment, and falls to the bottom. The woman lifts his leg to reveal a fracture. While he lies on the floor the woman attempts to make him drink a cup of tea. The man coughs. Close-up of the fracture. Title: "Please pity the patient". This time the lady examines the fracture and a St. John Ambulance man helps to put the leg in a makeshift splint. Title: "Easy when you know how". The woman waves away a cup of tea which is offered to the man.


A woman sits in a chair next to a gas fire reading a book. The woman falls asleep and the fire accidentally becomes disconnected from the mains. She is overcome with gas. A man discovers her and leaving her in the chair, shuts the door and fetches a water soaked cloth. He reenters the room with the cloth over his mouth, turns off the gas and waves the cloth in front of the woman's face. Title: "This patient would have died". This time the man enters the room, switches of the gas and pulls the lady out of the room. He administers mouth to mouth resuscitation. The woman eventually comes round at which point the man phones for an ambulance (?).

A final title reads: "If you are interested why not join". Posters: "We help the injured" & "We help the injured, Join us - give us a hand".