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TitleBreton Holiday
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieIndependent AmateurNon-fictionHoliday
ThemeFamily life Transport
KeywordsAircraft Airports Beaches Boats Cars Children Family Harbours Holidays Sea Fishing
LocalFrance Brittany Lydd Le Touquet Arranchy-sur-Cruse Harcourt Dinan Ploubazlanec L’Isle de Bréhat
NationalEngland United Kingdom France Europe
ProductionJohn Houghton
CameraJohn Houghton
FormatColour Silent
Duration13 min.
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A family holiday in Northern France. They travel in their own car using the Silver City Car Air Ferry. Once there, they visit local towns and beaches, including Arromanches.


Titles; "To Lydd and on to Le Touquet". The Silver City Car Air Ferry flew from Lydd airport, situated in Kent, to Le Touquet in northern France. The film opens with the family standing by their car on the side of the road. A woman is taking pictures of the countryside. At the airport, a car drives up the short ramp into the freight airliner. Only three (?) cars could be accommodated per flight.

The first stop is Arromanches, a harbour town located on the French coast in Normandy. Children play on the Second World War monuments. At the 'Plage Eglise', a woman carries a child, who waves at the camera. Children play games on the beach. In Thury Harcourt, two girls walk past a bike shop. A parade is taking place. Adults and children are in costume.

The family stop for lunch. Down the valley is the river Rance (?). In the town on Dinan, an aqueduct goes over the river. The family look down onto the town. In Ploubazlanec, the family visit Launay. There are boats in the bay and people walk along the cliffs.

In the garden of a stone cottage, the family sit and smoke. On the beach a woman and a boy take photographs. Another women sits on the grass drawing. A group of young boys play in the garden. In the bay, children sit in a rowing boat while a group of people stand on top of a cliff.

There are boats in the harbour. A large sailboat sails out. People stand on the docks watching it. A market is taking place. A local woman helps two young girls try on lace gloves. On the beach, a man and a woman shovel seaweed into a cart. The family sit around the dinner table. They board a boat on a trip to L'ile de Brehat, an island just off the coast of Launay. There are scenes of the bay and the town. A man is fishing while a fishing boat returns to the harbour. Two young boys play in the sea.