Title ID 3518Collection ID40
TitleH.M. Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Celebration at Lindfield
Date7 June 1977
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionCommunity
ThemeLeisure Commemoration
KeywordsCarnivals Celebrations Children Commemorative Events Dance Entertainment Fairgrounds Fetes Leisure Time Activities Music Old Age Parades Sport Villages Fancy dress
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionCyril Hayworth
CameraCyril Hayworth
NarratorAlan Street
SoundStan Kocyan
Other creditsPresented by: “The Society for the preservation of Lindfield”
FormatColour Sound
Duration33 min. 37 sec.
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Silver Jubilee celebration events take place in the village of Lindfield, including planting trees, marching bands, sack races and raft competitions on village pond.


This colour film with additional sound shows Lindfield's Silver Jubilee festivities with union flags and costumes sporting red, white and blue colours around the village. Event attractions include: a Town Crier; a pipe band; a group of bell ringers at the church; a group gathered to hear reminiscences from one of the village's oldest inhabitants and the unveiling of a new village sign. After the official opening of festivities, with speeches, there is a tree-planting ceremony. A group of young Morris Dancers are seen performing, followed by a sign on a fairground steam organ which reads “Norman Hobbs presents Melodies of Yesteryear”. There are a series of sporting events including a sack race, a skipping race and a gymnastic display. There are various stands at the fete. Floats, marching bands and fancy dress parades go through the streets. Various games include a slippery beam competition over the village pond, stepping on balloons and a Space Hopper race. A raft competion includes a floating vessel from the “Haywards Heath Windmakers Guild”. Inside the local village hall (the King Edward Hall) there are variety acts in Edwardian costumes including full length bathing suits and a Can Can dance. Fireworks and a parade of people carrying torches finish the display. A final title reads: ‘Presented by the society of the preservation of Lindfield”.


a still from H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Celebration at Lindfield (1977)