Title ID 3440Collection ID1308
TitleA new way of caring
ThemePublic Services
KeywordsHealth Services Hospitals Social Services Accidents
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNHS Training Aids Unit
DirectorTrevor Payne
Commissioning bodyDepartment of Health and Social Security
ParticipantsKeith Joseph
FormatColour Sound
Duration22 min.
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This film was made for showing to National Health Service staff, and describes in detail the Government's proposals for the reorganisation of the NHS. The film describes the development of the NHS as an organisation and shows fictional scenarios of NHS use. The film ends with a speech by the Secretary of State for Social Services about the plans for change.


NHS was 25 years old in 1973. Now in 1974, this film looks at the proposed reorganisation of the NHS with the aim of 'improving health care and health management'. The film emphasises a description of the NHS as having grown out of insurance schemes and local authority services already in place in 1948.

The film then shows different types of services and health management using a case study example (fictional enactment): Mrs. Jenson uses several services after a fall including the GP, area Health Authority, DHSS Region Area districts geriatric services, and Community Health Council.

The Conservative government Secretary of State for Social Services Sir Keith Joseph then makes a statement to camera, reading out the rational for the changes. The film ends with a wall of photographs, zooming in on the face of a young girl smiling. The film ends with the title: This film was made for the DHSS by the NHS Training Aids Unit directed by Trevor Payne. The Department wishes to express its gratitude to all those in the Service who helped so willingly both in the actual filming and by giving their advice and guidance behind the scenes."