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Title[Tangmere Aircraft films]
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeTransport Wartime and Military
KeywordsAircraft Armed Forces Exhibitions Parades Youth Youth Organizations
LocalTangmere Chichester
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionBernard R.R. Hammond
CameraBernard R. R. Hammond
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
Duration7min. 54sec.
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This amateur film shot by Flight Lieutenant Bernard Hammond features three Royal Air Force related events. The first is the last air show to be held at RAF Tangmere; the second is with the Air Training Corps gliding at Tangmere and the third is an Area Youth Parade at Chichester. The different events are denoted in the film by the use of handwritten intertitles.


The film opens with shots of people emerging from an aircraft carrier on display at RAF Tangmere. People walk around the aeroplanes examining them. The camera pans across the tarmac where a variety of aeroplanes are on display. Shots of parachutists descending from the sky above the airfield, followed by aircraft displays and formation flying. The display includes the last flight of the last Hawker Hart two seat biplane.

Following the title: "1963 A.T.C. Gliding at Tangmere" a pilot sits in a glider; a small boy wearing a woollen hat appears to be sitting beside him in the passenger seat. Shots of the glider from a distance show it as it prepares to take off. Aerial shots are filmed from onboard the glider; mist hangs in the air. Shots of the glider as it lands. Members of the Air Training Corps sit around next to the gliders on the airfield, before some of them take off again. Children help with manoeuvring the gliders into place.

Following the title: "1963 Area Youth Parade Chichester", there are shots of a marching band and military personnel taking part in a parade through Chichester town centre.