Title ID 3355Collection ID9
Title[Miscellaneous Family Pictures]
Date[1930 - 1937?]
CollectionHobson family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Beaches Boats Canals Children Family Games Outings Play Rivers Schools Swimming
LocalSelsey Birdham Bosham Wittering Benenden
RegionalWest Sussex Kent
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionHobson Family
Format16mm Black & White Silent
Duration44 min. 30 sec.
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A number of films spooled together, spanning the 1930s, showing a family and friends enjoying various activities and outings including swimming and diving, sailing, games, picnics, and in other activities in and around Selsey, at Lynams School in Oxford, at Birdham and Wittering. See separate records in this collection relating to individual films from this spool.


This family film spanning almost a decade, begins in 1930 with the family group on the beach in Selsey wearing swimming costumes and bathing hats, swimming and diving into the sea. A group of (mainly) girls play in a garden, blowing soap bubbles. A man and a woman with a dog pose for the camera. Two girls sit on a lawn and play with white rabbits and two girls in fancy dress costumes play act for the camera. Again at Selsey, children ride horses on the beach and play in the sand. A group of children play in a very large tree house in a garden, and then ride bicycles.

Children from Lynams school in Oxford go swimming and diving in a river [probably the River Cherwell, near the school]. On the river bank a large group of children are wearing sun hats [possibly part of the school uniform?].

At Birdham, in Sussex, there are several scenes of people diving into water at the Mill, a brief scene of sailing in the estuary and scenes of a family gathering. A tennis match is followed by games on the beach. At Bosham, there are scenes of sailing boats, and at Birdham again, children play in the garden and play at mowing the lawn. Further sailing scenes are mixed with the family in the garden, a motorbike being ridden around the garden and children playing.

Scenes of a picnic in the garden and people outside a large house, are followed by people diving from a quay, a picnic on the beach and a woman with a cat, tea in the garden, boys in a hammock, a tennis match, and sailing boats.

Further scenes include children playing with a small boat in the water, children doing head stands, posing as a group by a swing, and a small child sits in a pedal car. A boy sits in a rowing boat being towed behind a sailing boat; as the boat starts to sink, people dive off. Finally, a girl does a head stand on the beach and a boat sails into the harbour.


A still from [Miscellaneous Family Pictures] (1930-1937) - boys in a sailing dinghyA still from [Miscellaneous Family Pictures] (1930-1937) - girls blowing bubblesA still from [Miscellaneous Family Pictures] (1930-1937) showing bathers in swimming costumes