This amateur film is shot in a variety of locations across southern England. The film records visits to towns, villages and rural areas including Canterbury, Pegwell Bay, Winchelsea, Brighton and Hastings and features the main attractions at each location, including Canterbury Cathedral, the Viking Ship Hugin and Brighton's Royal Pavilion.


The film opens with shots of Stonehenge and the surrounding countryside; people can be seen walking around the site. The film then cuts to Exeter, with shots of the Cathedral and street scenes. Dark shots of a woman feeding New Forest ponies; the ponies graze on the side of the road. Shots of cows crossing a road, followed by shots of a cruise liner in Southampton Harbour. The film cuts to Canterbury with shots of the Old Weavers House and the River Stour, followed by Canterbury Cathedral. Shots of a 1960s building and two boys looking at a red steam locomotive on display. Shots of countryside from a moving vehicle, a memorial in open country and the Viking ship Hugin at Pegwell Bay. More shots from a moving vehicle, including a Martello Tower and sign: "Worlds Smallest Public Railway and Model Exhibition Hall". Sign: "Winchelsea Beach"; dark shots of countryside at sunset or dawn. The film cuts to Brixham in Devon with shots from a passenger boat; shots of the harbour; people crowd around a fishing boat which is unloading its catch. Shots of a statue of William III, followed by rolling hills. Sign: "Maiden Castle. Ancient Monument"; shot of a statue of George III at Weymouth, followed by a road sign: "Tolpuddle". Shots of the Tolpuddle Martyrs Memorial Church, followed by shots from a moving vehicle, including Sompting Church, an oast house and hop farm. [Break]. Dark shots of countryside, The Steam Packet pub at Littlehampton and a Spitfire at West Wittering (?). The film cuts to Brighton, with shots of the Royal Pavilion, before moving eastwards to The Long Man of Wilmington and Herstmonceux Castle; the observatory can be seen on the hillside in the distance. Shots of the drying huts on the beach at Hastings and the East Hill Cliff Railway. The film ends with shots from a moving vehicle and dark shots of people looking at a cliff or gorge (?).