Title ID 333Collection ID160
TitleMirror Mirror
Date[ca. 1969]
CollectionEastbourne Cine Group
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubFictionSuspense
ThemeCine Club Film-making
KeywordsHouses Interiors Performing Arts Shops
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionEastbourne Cine Group
CameraRay Young
DirectorGary Parsons
ProducerBruce Hales
LightingRoy Lelliot
SoundLes Burville
CastPhil Basham; Tony Francumb; Bruce Charles; Cherry Puttock; Jack Waymark; John Starran; Frank Richardson
Other creditsStills: Trevor Davis; Story by: Brian Prodger
FormatColour Sound
Duration7min. 22sec.
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This short fictional film was produced by the Eastbourne Cine Group. The sinister plot centres around a husband and wife who are preparing for a Halloween party. When the husband buys a new mirror, he inadvertently get gets caught up in another world and ends up dead.


"Eastbourne cine group presents: MIRROR mirror"

Dramatic music plays over shots of a shop window display: "Gaytime & Gala", a man walks out of the shop holding a package under his arm. Title: "from a story by Brian Prodger"; [credits]. The man walks home along residential streets. On the way he is seen stopping at a shop (Frank Richardsons Ltd. Eastbourne) to look at a mirror on display in the window. He purchases the mirror and continues on his journey home. On arriving home, he greets his wife, who replies from upstairs. She asks him is he has his Halloween costume, to which the man replies in the affirmative. He unwraps the mirror and fixes it on the wall in the living room. The man is seen leaving the room (reflected in the mirror). He goes upstairs and comes back down again into the living room wearing a black cloak and top hat. The mirror is lit up with green lighting [sinister music plays]; the man walks back into the living room and is seen walking back out of the room again [green lighting effect]. A reflection in the mirror now shows a man wearing a red jacket and a Victorian smoking cap; he smokes a pipe, drinks sherry and looks at a book on his lap. A wide shot of the man reveals he is in a different living room to the one seen earlier; the man gets up and sits at a writing desk. A man can be seen hiding behind the curtains; he creeps up behind the man at the desk and hits him over the head with the handle of his gun. The man collapses forward onto the desk and the other man looks for jewellery which he finds hidden in a wooden box. Looking up he seen a ghoulish figure (in the mirror)? which he fires his gun at. Two men rush into the room and restrain him. The film cuts back to the house seen earlier in the film. The wife now enters the living room to look at her husbands Halloween costume. He turns slowly, revealing a mask which is identical to the ghoulish figure seen in the previous scene. The wife remarks how good the mask is; removing it she discovers that her husband is dead, with a gun wound to his head. Title: "The End".


A still from Mirror Mirror (ca.1969)