Title ID 3285Collection ID563
Title[Shippam’s Chicken Supreme]
Date[ca. 1950s]
CollectionShippam Ltd
KeywordsFood Shopping
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionShippam Ltd
FormatBlack & White Sound
Duration30 sec.
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An advertisement for Shippam's "new" tinned chicken supreme. The advert shows the chicken in white sauce as a meal or as a snack with tea, served hot or cold.


This advert combines live-action with stop-frame animation to extoll the pleasures of Shippam's Chicken Supreme - in a can. The film starts with a can spinning whist a woman's voice say "New from Shippam's, and of course something delicious". This is followed by various shots of the product being served on a plate for dinner as a "meal in a moment" or on toast along with cups of tea on a tray. The commentary ends with "If you enjoy life and good food, you'll love Shippam's Chicken Supreme, only two and nine, try some"


[ShippamÕs Chicken Supreme] (ca.1950s)A still from Shippam\'92s Chicken Supreme (1950) showing the prepared canned chicken on toast with cups of tea.}A still from Shippam\'92s Chicken Supreme (1950) showing a quick dinner made with the canned chicken with the text saying \'91a meal in a moment\'92.}A still from Shippam\'92s Chicken Supreme (1950) showing six forks with a piece of chicken on each.}