Title ID 3284Collection ID563
Title[Shippam’s Pilchards and Tomatoes]
Date[ca. 1950s]
CollectionShippam Ltd
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionShippam Ltd
Format35mm Colour Silent
Duration15 sec.
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This short animated advert shows a map of Cornwall with the port of Newlyn prominently marked. A basket of pilchards is tipped out alongside a jar of Shippam's Pilchard and Tomato paste and a punnet of tomatoes. The slogan reads 'The best of the catch in Shippam's Pilchard and Tomato paste'. The item's accompanying soundtrack is not present.


[ShippamÕs Pilchards and Tomatoes] (ca.1950s)A still from Shippam\'92s Pilchards and Tomatoes (1950) showing the jar of Shippam\'92s with text saying \'91The best catch in Shippam\'92s\'92 next to a pile of fish and a basket of tomatoes.}A still from Shippam\'92s Pilchards and Tomatoes (1950) showing a basket of fish being poured out onto a counter top in front of a line drawing of a map showing corneal and a compass marker pointing North. }