Title ID 3242Collection ID471
Title[Home Guard and miscellaneous family items]
Date[ca. 1940s]
CollectionWest Sussex Home Guard
ThemeFamily Life Wartime And Military
KeywordsArmed Forces Children Civil Defence Domestic Gardens Family
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
Productionnot known
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
Duration9min. 30sec.
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This home movie features a family connected with the West Sussex Home Guard. Apart from some brief shots at the beginning of the film, it is shot entirely in a garden belonging to the family. The adults, some of whom are dressed in military uniform, are seen fooling around and playing with the children.


"W.S. Home Guard. Z.D.U."

The film opens with very brief shot of a man driving a car and member of the Home Guard standing in the edge of the shot. Family members are seen in a garden, two men are seen wearing Home Guard uniforms. One of the men waves a white hanky at the camera and a young boys carries onions tied to a pole on his shoulder. A woman plays with a small go-cart, sits on a bird bath and attempts to roller the lawn. The other adults join in with the fooling around. Shots of a man wearing an Royal Air Force uniform walking towards the camera. Shots of a woman holding the arm of the airman. Shots of adults fooling around in the garden; one climbs a ladder to reach a first floor balcony. Shots of family members helping a young toddler to walk in the garden; another child sits on a swing and rides a tricycle. The children sit at a table to eat tea, after which they continue to play. Shots of some of the children dressed in school uniform; a photographer takes photographs of the boys in the garden. A man sits with a girl on his lap on a swing. The film ends with further shots of family in the garden, but this time accompanied by young girls in house maid dresses (?).