Title ID 3225Collection ID519
Title[Portrait of a little boy]
CollectionStaley Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Bicycles Children Domestic Gardens Dresses Family Houses
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRalph Staley
CameraRalph Staley
ParticipantsDr Robert Staley (Ralph's brother); Sylvia Staley (Sister-in-Law); Nelie Staley (Ralph's wife); John Staley (Ralph's Nephew); Wacky (John's dog)
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration4 min. 30 sec.
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A well constructed and charming portrait of a young boy (John Staley) playing in the family garden, filmed by members of the Staley Family. John's parents are Dr Robert Staley and Sylvia Staley.


John is seen posing for the camera as he plays with a teddy bear and rides a tricycle with the bear in the front basket. Robert and John play at forming a rugby scrum and with their dog (Wacky). Robert then plays a game with John, carrying him around the garden in a piggyback . John is next seen being filmed looking through wheat stalks in a field. Sylvia, Robert and Nellie Staley come outside to join John in the garden riding his tricycle. The family group sit at a table in the garden and have tea with bread and jam sandwiches. The film ends with another game of rugby scrumming between John and Robert, with Robert tacking him to the ground in a big heap.


A still from [Portrait of a little boy] (ca.1940) showing a boy amongst wheat stalksA still from [Portrait of a little boy] (ca.1940) showing a family having tea outdoorsA still from [Portrait of a little boy] (ca.1940) showing a boy eating