Title ID 3223 Collection ID519
TitleAt the Farm
CollectionStaley Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeFashion Rural Life
KeywordsAnimals Children Farming Labour Rural Areas Clothing Fashion Coats Dresses Hats Shoes Trousers Trades
RegionalWest Sussex East Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRalph Staley
CameraRalph Staley
ParticipantsPam Staley (daughter); Nellie Staley (?) (Ralph's Wife)
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration4 min. 10 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


Film of Pam Staley (aged 11) and other children at a farm. A hay stack is built, using a conveyor/elevator to load the hay onto the cart. Pam rides the horse that powers the elevator mechanism and helps load the hay onto the elevator. Pam plays with kittens and, with another boy, stands and waves to the camera from an orchard outside the farm house.


Pam is seen playing with a group of children at a farm house, and petting a horse tethered to a cart. She rides a horse and poses for pictures with the group. A large dog lounges on some hay as the children watch some farm hands using a conveyor to load hay to build a stack, whilst Pam rides the horse that powers the elevator mechanism and helps load the hay onto the elevator. Several other family members also help fork hay onto the stack. Several farm pets play on the grass, two kittens play with a broom, followed by a Pekinese dog sat upon a Doberman's back (?) being shown to the camera by Pam.


Contextual information

Fashion Notes: The children wear everyday clothing. The work clothing of a stable hand is also seen.

Fashion keywords: dresses, jackets, jockey caps, riding boots, riding breeches, shirts, shorts, smocks, sweaters

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