Title ID 3220Collection ID519
TitlePicnics & Pam 1932
CollectionStaley Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionFamily Life
ThemeCase Study Girlhood Fashion Leisure
KeywordsBeaches Boats Children Everyday Life Family Food Interiors Outings Swimming Rural Areas Fashion Coats Hats Skirts Suits
LocalBognor Regis
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionRalph Staley
CameraRalph Staley
ParticipantsPam Staley (Daughter); Nellie Staley (Mother); Mrs Staley (Ralth's mother); Elsie WIlman (Ralph's 1st cousin); Dr Robert (Ralphs brother);
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration13 min. 45 sec.
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A film of the Staley family on various outings. The family group pick flowers in the countryside and have a tea and a picnic. At home, daughter Pam Staley (aged 8) eats at the table with her parents, plays piano and brushes her hair. On other outings, the family go sailing, have a walk and a picnic in the country and go swimming in the sea.


The film opens with titles, followed by shots of the Staley family on various outings. The family group pick wild bluebells and flowers in the countryside and drink tea at a picnic. Pam is dressed in her school blazer and hat with other children gathering bluebells from in between the hedgerows. Portrait shots of several family members eating their picnic. The family go for a walk over some hills, and stop to have tea made on a portable field stove by Ralph, whilst he smokes a cigarette in a cigarette holder. Pam eats a biscuit sat in a car seat taken from the family car next to the vehicle, wearing a large dragonfly on her beret (?) other family members sit in the car to have their picnic tea. Portrait shots of Pam, Nellie, Ralph follow, as Pam pretends to smoke her fathers cigarette through the holder. The immediate family then walk down a track road gathering primroses, and Pam gets stuck in a hedge, finding it hard to make her way through. The next part of the film shows Pam at home in full school uniform sat at the dining table with her mother eating a meal.(shots are dark) Pam is next seen sat playing the piano, and standing in front a mirror brushing her hair. She is wearing both full under garments and full day wear. At the breakfast table, Pam tips foodstuff out of a tall sealed container onto her plate and drinks a cup of tea. The next part of the film shows the family at the beach at Bognor, aboard the boat Kingfisher, and walking through the countryside. Additional family and friends film the immediate family, including extra material of Nellie filming the family playing together as Ralph throws Pam into the air (similar to AID 3205). The group of family and friends picnic together and swim in the sea.


A still from Picnics & Pam 1932A still from Picnics & Pam 1932A still from Picnics & Pam 1932A still from Picnics & Pam 1932