Title ID 3204Collection ID708
Title[Bognor Regis: Odds and Ends]
Date[ca. 1937]
CollectionMacFie Family
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsSport Games Aircraft Family Domestic Gardens Camping Weddings Railways Trains
LocalBognor Regis
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDr. Thomas Hately MacFie
CameraDr. Thomas Hately MacFie
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration10 min. 29 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


"A film of shreds and patches," or a compilation of short scenes on a family holiday, at an airfield and in the garden filmed and compiled with intertitles by Dr. Thomas Hately MacFie in 1937.


Signs read "other rides on the miniature railway" and "we're frightfully B.B.C." A spinning car wheel follows views of a Ferris wheel turning. A woman climbs down a rocky outcrop onto a road. A postcard propped up on a mantle-piece reads "Rhos" (North Wales).

"A film of shreds and patches..." follows with an aircraft or Gyroplane "G-ABGB" [Cierva Rotocraft C.19 Mk.IVP]. "Of flying in snatches:" A man starts a light aircraft by pushing its front propeller. Its blades start to spin. A biplane takes off. Others fly in the sky, watched by spectators by their car. Further footage of planes flying in the sky follows. A man can be seen standing atop a biplane's wing. Brief view of aircraft "G-AAAF", "G-ABSI", "G-ABUL" taking off and landing

"...of "Wimbledon" and other matches:" Four women play tennis doubles on a lawn. They wear shirts and skirts and play with wooden framed rackets. A woman juggles, tossing a diabolo into the air and catching it again. A woman and girl yo-yo in the garden in front of a border of flowers.

"...of heads in batches:" A series of head-shots of family members follow. A woman grins at the camera, the girl smiles, showing her braces, and a young woman wearing a shirt and tie talks to the camera. A head-shot of the family terrier is shown before and older woman and then man are seen, laughing and looking at the camera. Footage of a Katherine Wheel concludes the section.

"...of one of the season's catches:" A dog sits at a table on a dining chair in the garden. The dog takes a ball from the table. Two of the women and the girl with braces seen in head-shots previously sit at the table. The two women are dressed as a bride and groom. They act out a wedding procession, walking slowly round the garden. The girl pulls at the dress of the bride, causing her to stumble. The girl and one of the women walk across the road wearing a towel and a dressing gown and swimming hat. The girl is seen emerging from a tent in the garden made out of a sheet, pole and string. The dog runs after her as she leaves shot. A muti-shot animation of Jack and the Beanstalk follows. Jack steals the goose from the window of a castle and climbs down the beanstalk, landing on a horse. Jack cuts the stalk and the giant falls to the floor. Star appear around his head. Brief shots of trees in the wind, views of a river and scenes at a zoo follow.

"Katherine leaves for Arden:' Family members wave off a woman who leans out of a train window. The train is a Southern service from Southhampton to Waterloo. The train pulls out of the station. The sequence of films closes with colour views of a road and motorcars, and a woman on a beach. The End.