Title ID 3203Collection ID708
Title[First colour family scenes]
CollectionMacFie Family
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsArmed Forces Communities Children Family Outings Parades Domestic Gardens Youth
LocalBognor Regis Aldwick
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDr. Thomas Hately MacFie
CameraDr. Thomas Hately MacFie
FormatColour Silent
Duration13 min. 15 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


Scenes of family outings, using Dufacolor film, in the family garden and during Bognor Carnival, filmed and compiled by Dr. Thomas Hately MacFie.


Two women wearing brown coats and coloured berets with brown paper packages get in a car in front of the family house. The shadow of the photographer is seen on the ground during subsequent footage of cows in a field. Women slide and run down a grassy bank. Two women, an older man and a young teenager picnic with a thermos and cigarettes. The group is seen from a distance in a panning shot across trees and landscape.

Pink and lilac flowers stand in a vase. A steam ship moves past, seen from the shore. Footage of sea lavender and flower beds follow. Breakers wash up the shore. The family terrier sits on a chair in front of colourful flower wallpaper. Beside is a table, and a bowl of apples and vase of flowers. The girl pushes the dog in a wheeled basket. A sun set is seen behind trees. The dog sits beside bright blue flowers. A cricket match is in play during an outing. Two women watch the match from castle ruins. Purple foxgloves, trees and bursting flower beds of purple, pink and white are seen. A woman picks flowers from a trellis in the garden. The girl walks with the family Jack Russell along a countryside bridleway past wild flowers. She is joined by two women. They wear shorts and sport cropped hairstyles. The girl pokes her head up from behind a tree at a lake. She is seen digging for worms [?] on the garden lawn.

A road sign reads "Bognor Carnival." A marching band is seen. Children walk along beside them. A horse and carriage follows. A float pulled by a motorcar moves past. The carnival queen and aides dressed as angels sit on the float. Two women carry the dark blue train of the queen as she walks with a crowd of people. Children walk wearing fancy dress. One boy carries a sign reading "Tea Time." Young girls wearing tea cup costumes follow him. Another young boy sits in a blue boat float. A lifelike doll stands upright in a checked dress in the garden. Horse jumping follows, as riders leap over white fences. Guards in red uniforms ride horses while holding union jack flags. They perform a routine, riding in pyramid formation. Modern houses are seen behind. The funfair includes a merry-go-round and a switchback ride.

Dufaycolor was an early film system that employed a matrix of red, green and blue to produce colour on film.