Title ID 3201Collection ID708
TitleBognor Regis: Out and About During the Year
CollectionMacFie Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeFamily life Seaside
KeywordsBeaches Boats Religious Activities Aircraft Sport Clothing Dresses Beachwear Fetes Animals Domestic Gardens Spring Summer Family Women
LocalBognor Regis
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDr. Thomas Hately MacFie
CameraDr. Thomas Hately MacFie
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration26 min. 30 sec.
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Two films of Bognor Regis scenes, filmed and compiled with intertitles by Dr. MacFie. Family members and pets feature heavily as they make trips to the beach, playing fields, bowling green, Butlin's, countryside, gymkhana and various Bognor events.


Views of waves crashing against the promenade at Bognor open the first chapter of the compilation in "A Big Sea". The pier is in view in the distance and the beach entirely submerged. Views from the promenade show waves crashing against and over the wall. "On the Sands - Whit Monday" follows. Panning elevated shots of the beach and sea front open the chapter. Two wheeled platforms [?] are seen on the beach. A number of visitors wearing bathing costumes paddle in the shallow water that stretches out from the beach. A motor boat speeds away from the camera, leaving a vast wake behind it in "A Speed Boat". The boat is seen driving towards the camera and along the shore, with beach and sea front behind, from an elevated position. "Corpus Christi Procession" follows. Participants process through streets to the church. Young girls wear white and some participants hold banners. Choir boys, men with sashes and nuns are also seen. Four men hold an awning above a bishop [?].

A light aircraft with teeth and a mouth painted on is seen briefly at the beginning of "An Air Display for the Hospitals". Biplanes fly in formation overhead. Crowds are seen in a field while biplanes dip and hover above. Players on a bowling green where white clothes and hats in "The Bowling Green - Hants. v. Sussex". Spectators watch from deck chairs at the green edge. Bunting flutters above the green and a grand manor house and church are in view behind. "A Cricket Match" is in progress. "The Council Playing fields" follows. Children play on a suspended conical roundabout. The children perch on the edge or stand, holding a bar. Others play on swings in the field. Modern houses are in view behind.

Two women are seen by a river wearing day dresses and hats. One feeds the ducks in "When we were very young" . The ducks and ducklings are shown in close-up. Ewes and lambs are seen in a field. A woman wearing a fur coat and felt hat holds a lamb in her arms affectionately. "And Every Swan a Queen:" A swan glides through the water. Ducks sit on the riverbank in the foreground. The shadow of cameraman Dr. MacFie is also in view. "A Mounted Gymkhana" follows. Mounted riders jump over a fence in a paddock. One clears the fence, one stops short and the last knocks the fence to the ground. Wider views of the paddock follow as riders pick flags up from the ground while cantering. Crowds are seen in the distance. Riders are seen swinging down and propelling themselves back onto the horses. Three riders stand atop horses and ride together in formation. They leap over low platforms, moving wagons and a fence in flames.

Divers are seen diving gracefully into the sea off the pier. Young men wearing bathing costumes dive from a low jetty in "High and Low Diving". In "A Heatwave on the Front", The camera pans across the beach, taking in families in deck chairs, boats in the sea and the sea front buildings behind. Family members leave the house wearing bathing costumes and walk down the path through the front garden. They are seen in the breakers and walking up the beach towards the camera. "And in the Country" follows. A horse takes a drink. A woman and child sit beside a wishing well. "Hospital Fete Day" follows The entrance to the fair is shown. Children are gathered around a spinning ride, miniature railway and merry-go-round. Women enjoy a coconut shy. Two young girls perform a dance routine together atop an elevated platform. A young girl falls off a horse with a spinning middle. The camera pans across tents and stalls decorated with bunting. Night scenes follow, as the fete becomes lit up with electric lamps.

A goldfish swims about in an aquarium in "Our Goldfish". Two buggies fly from perch to perch in a bird cage. In both scenes, the pets never leave shot. Scenes filmed at Butlin's follow. Young adults and children enjoy the bumper boats and amusements. A couple are seen in a garden with a large dog. The man encourages the dog to stand on his hind legs, resting his front legs on his shoulders. Two women play with the family terrier, Tinker, seen in many of Dr. MacFie's home movies. The youngest family member leaves the house wearing jodhpurs. She mounts a horse before she is joined by another girl and a man, also on horseback. They walk and trot along the beach. Sea views follow, the sun's rays penetrating the clouds. The girl feeds a horse. Family members leave the drive in a car. A woman swings a golf club and puts in a garden. She is joined by a group of women, all putting in the garden in an extended sequence. They put towards the camera, positioned by the hole. In close-up views, golf balls are knocked into the hole. "We think of Xmas" follows. Turkeys walk along a country path. "And the long dark evenings" closes the film. The sun sets over a field of cows. Modern housing is in view behind. "The End."

Bognor Regis: Out and About During the Year, Part II (See "Aston House" for "Autumn" and "Winter"):

"Spring, the Annual Clearing" opens the film. Two maids in uniforms and a woman beat cushions, mattresss and rugs with carpet beaters in the garden. The family terrier jumps up, excited by the action. "Seed Time in the Garden" follows. The woman is seen digging with a spad in a flowerbed before she is joined by the youngest member of the family in lighting a bonfire in the garden. "I am a big dog now and I can jump" follows. The family terrier leaps over the tennis net, chasing after a ball. The dog is seen sitting on a table watching the girl bounce the ball up and down on the ground and throwing it into the air.

"Summer" opens with "After the Ball", in which a family member hits a ball into the garden with a tennis racket for the dog to chase. The terrier jumps in and out of a pram in the garden. "A Shy Bathing Parade" follows. Family members leave the house wearing bathing costumes and towels round their shoulders. Two women inspect a very tall plant in a pot in "Value from Woolworths." "Putting Golf" follows (Winter Trained in Lancashire)" follows. Two women wearing dresses in stripes and flower print play golf in the garden before a flower bed in bloom. The youngest member of the family sits on the garden wall in "At the Gate Alone." "Tinker Prefers the Window Ledge" follows, in which the family dog is seen looking out into the garden from an open window.

Two mice appear from the girl's cardigan pocket in "When the Cat's Away." Dressed in a head scarf by a fire and tent in the garden, she tells another family member's fortune before begging for money in "A Gypsy Tells a Fortune." In "The Gypsy - moth. Leaves for Shanklin", the girl winds up a toy plane. The camera follows the plane as it takes off from the lawn in repeated action. A short animated sequence follows, in which the toy pilot moves towards the plane and takes off. The sequence concludes with footage of a real biplane flying overhead. The film closes with animated titles, "To let: this airy residence owner on holiday inspection invited for keys apply - SHANKLIN." The words appear one by one on a chalk board in front of the girl's tent. "The End" also appears on the black board.