Title ID 3171Collection ID92
Title[Mayor of Chichester]
Date1967 - 1968
CollectionGilbert Family
ThemePublic Services
KeywordsAircraft Armed Forces Carnivals Cars Ceremonies Children Commemorative Events Fetes Fire Services Landscape Local Government Memorials Parades Religious Activities Religious Buildings Urban Areas Youth Organizations
LocalChichester Tangmere Chartres
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom France
ProductionJohn Gilbert Anne Gilbert
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
Duration32min. 1sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


Chichester mayoral engagements are recorded in this amateur film. The Mayor of Chichester, Bob Stephens, attends numerous civic events in the town including church services, parades and school sports days. Most notably, the film captures the tenth anniversary of the twinning with Chartres and the giving of the Freedom of the City to Royal Air Force Tangmere.


The film opens with shots of the Mayor and his wife arriving at the Cathedral, they shake hands with clergy waiting outside. Shots of a military parade follow, retired servicemen file into the Cathedral.

Shots of an empty town centre street, the Mayor and his wife are seen getting out of a car. They stand near some brick arches and watch a military parade.

Shots of the Mayoral car; the Mayor and wide are greeted as they attend a formal function; various clergy are present.

Shots of a Fire Brigade hydraulic platform vehicle rushing to the scene of a fire. Crowds gather near a burning building and watch as firefighters tackle the fire. Shots of people sitting looking on.

Shots of civic dignitaries and the Mayor in a procession. The procession is greeted by the Bishop of Chichester. Shots of a young boy holding the mace; the Mayor and his family (?).

At a school sports day children are seen taking part in races, the Mayor is on hand to award the prizes.

Shots of a church fete with the Mayor in attendance. The Mayors wife hands out tombola prizes.

People are seen arriving at the Cathedral, including the Mayor. Shots of a carnival parade in the town centre; a policeman on horseback leads the parade of decorated floats along the street.

Jerky shots of the Mayor giving out prizes to children at a sports day.

Aerial shots over RAF Tangmere (?) of Chichester and surrounding countryside. On the ground, fire engines rush to a RAF aeroplane on the runway.

A man rides a Penny Farthing bicycle. Other vehicles are driven around a field, crowds are gathered to watch. The Red Devil's parachute into the field and the Mayor greets them.

The Mayor attends a school fair, he plays darts at a side stall and speaks to children inside a classroom.

Shots of a Remembrance Day parade at Chichester War Memorial; the Mayor lays wreath. A military band marches through a park.

Shots of nurses walking into the Cathedral; and a procession marching through the town, past the Cross to the Cathedral. Shots of the procession after the Church service.

Shots of young children cleaning the Mayors shoes.

The mayor and his wife arrive at the cathedral in a car. Military officers stand around outside talking. They make their way into the building, being saluted as they pass people in uniform. Shots of the mayor standing outside the cathedral and a military parade in the street.

Shots of another Remembrance Day parade; the Mayor lays a wreath on the war memorial.

In France, the Mayor visits Chartres Cathedral, shots of the interior and exterior. Shots of the town square and memorial covered in flags. Shots of a military parade.

Back in Chichester, the film ends with shots of a parade, including uniformed youth organisations, marching outside the Cathedral. The mayor greets the parade.

The film ends with shots of a bridesmaid (?) and an elderly person walking along a road.