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TitleLocal News Film
CollectionBognor Regis Film Society
ThemeCine Club Film-making Fashion
KeywordsAircraft Carnivals Commemorative Events Coronations Cultural Events Fetes Games Leisure Time Activities Parades Railway Stations Religious Activities Sport Weddings Women Clothing Fashion Coats Fancy dress Hats
LocalAldershot Bognor Regis Tangmere
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionBognor Regis Film Society
ProducerBognor Regis Film Society
Format9.5mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration22 min.
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A compilation of local news and events in and around Bognor Regis including; sporting activities and games, a beauty contest and gymkhana, the 1936 Carnival, several charity fetes, armistice day, an air show, the 1937 Aldershot Tattoo, a wedding, a talent competition and a Zeppelin flying over the town.


The film begins in colour showing men playing bowls. Black & white footage follows of couples dancing in a dance hall and a parade of women in costumes (later seen at the 1936 Carnival). Returning to colour film, outdoor fun and games are captured. There is a "Daily Mail Push-ball match" played by children and then by adults in fancy dress and a comic bull fight with a 'pantomime' cow. A band marching along the sea front road is followed by scenes of further games such as "Living Bridge" where women and children stand dressed as playing cards whilst a bridge game is played in a field. A "Bathing Belle's Contest" is then held on the Pier where women parade in their swimming costumes for the judges.

[starting in black & white and changing to colour film] A Gymkhana is held and a Russian(?) style circus performer shows his skills horse back while the crowd look on . A motorcycle display and dancing follows. The 1936 Carnival queen arrives on a float. and is seen wearing her crown. A number of people give speeches before the Carnival queen and others depart in cars. [footage of this same event is also in the Bognor Regis Film Society's 'Regis Review' ID No. 3166].

[black and white] An inter-title announces the "Sunday Drumhead service". Marching bands play on the playing field and the vicar gives a sermon to the gathered crowd. This is followed by scenes of games at the "St.John’s church fete" including a coconut shy.

Film of an Armistice Day memorial service is followed by cycling and running events at "The Bognor Regis Athletic & Cycling Club Sports". A scene of a "Fire Brigade Conference" shows members of fire brigade in formal dress posing for a photograph. An inter-title announces a "New football stand" at the 'Bognor Town football club'. Various games are played at a hospital fete and a family celebrates a Golden wedding anniversary, posing for the camera in the garden.

[colour] An intertitle announces the arrival of renowned airman 'Tommy Rose' at Ford Aerodrome followed by an air display at R.A.F. Tangmere. [black & white] With the inter-title: "Stop Press", "The Juice is on!" a steam train is seen arriving at a station, followed by couples dancing outside. A horse show and fire brigade demonstration is followed by fire works and a bonfire. Shots of "The Coronation Aldershot Tattoo 1937" show a marching band at night, a horse display, gymnastics and marching.

At a British Legion fete, there is a Scottish marching band, highland dancing and a small ride for children. An inter-title reads: "A local wedding" - the bride, in a dark suit and hat, gets out of a car and the Bride and Groom pose for photos. On tinted film(?) is "The Final of the Bognor Wednesday's Football Club amateur Talent Competition". A number of men give speeches, cups and prizes are presented and a man performs a comic impression with a monocle. Final scenes show a Zeppelin flying overhead.


A still from 'Local News Film' (1936-1937?) showing the bathing beauty contestA still from 'Local News Film' (1936-1937?) showing children at the carnivalA still from 'Local News Film' (1936-1937?) showing a ZeppelinA still from 'Local News Film' (1936-1937?)A still from 'Local News Film' (1936-1937?)A still from 'Local News Film' (1936-1937?)

Contextual information

Fashion Notes: This film depicts everyday leisure clothing and bathing costumes. It shows men participating in sport, such as local football teams. The film shows a game of 'living bridge' with people dressed as cards and a fancy dress parade, as well as firemen in uniform.

Fashion keywords: aprons, caps, cloaks, crowns, fancy dress, hats

For further information see Screen Search Fashion online resource.

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