Title ID 3061Collection ID797
Title[Passing-out Parade at the Regimental Depot of the Gaza Intake]
Date22 January 1960
CollectionRoyal Sussex Regiment Collection
ThemeWartime and Military
KeywordsArmed Forces Ceremonies Parades
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionBrigadier John Ashley
CameraBrigadier John Ashley
ParticipantsBrigadier J.B. Answorth (Deputy Colonel of The Royal Sussex Regiment); Lieutenant A.J. Prebble (Commander of the Intake)
Format16mm Black & White Silent
Duration6 min. 35 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A film of a passing-out parade of The Royal Sussex Regiment at the Roussillon Barracks in Chichester. This was to be the Regiment's final passing-out parade before leaving the Barracks and being disbanded. The film was made by Brigadier John Ashley, Deputy Colonel of the Regiment.


The film opens with a shot of the main gate of the Roussillon Barracks. Guests start arriving at the parade ground. When they are seated the passing-out parade begins - the soldiers march out onto the parade ground, preceded by the Regiment's marching band. An officer inspects the troops, awarding medals to the outstanding recruits and to long-service permanent staff. The guests leave the parade ground after the officer takes the salute.


A still from [Passing-out Parade at the Regimental Depot of the Gaza Intake] (1960)

Contextual information

[Passing-out Parade at the Regimental Depot of the Gaza Intake] (22 January 1960) was filmed by Brigadier John Ashley, Deputy Colonel of the Royal Sussex Regiment. It is one of several amateur films housed at Screen Archive South East which show passing-out parades at the Roussillon Barracks during the late 1950s and early 1960s. These include [The Passing-out Parade at the Regimental Depot of the Pinwe Intake] (13 June 1958) and [The Passing-out Parade at the Regimental Depot of the Louisburg Intake] (19 June 1959). They all offer visual records of the Royal Sussex Regiment at a time when its long and prosperous history was coming to an end. The Roussillon Barracks in Chichester had served as the home for the Regiment for nearly ninety years. In 1960 the Regiment left the Barracks for the last time when, on 1st April, it was disbanded. The Regiment was moved to Canterbury where it served as part of the Home Counties Brigade before being amalgamated into the newly formed Queen's Regiment in December 1961. [Passing-out Parade at the Regimental Depot of the Gaza Intake] (22 January 1960) was therefore made for posterity as it records the passing-out parade of the final recruits of the Royal Sussex Regiment.

Screen Archive South East holds a large collection of films of the Royal Sussex Regiment, dating from 1914 to 1960. The collection contains both amateur and professional films which record the Regiment on duties at home and abroad, the presentation of new Colours to the Regiment, a recruitment film, and several Quebec Day commemorations at the Roussillon Barracks. Highlights amongst these include The 5th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment at the Tower of London (1915), Chichester. HRH The Duke of Gloucester Presents New Colours to Famous First Batt. The Royal Sussex Regiment (15 June 1928), [2nd Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment, Karachi] (1932 -1935), Quebec Day (13 September 1959) and [Recruiting for the Royal Sussex Regiment] (ca. 1957)

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