Title ID 3021Collection ID425
Title[Christmas; birthdays; christening; baby sitting; village fete]
DateDecember 1966; Spring - October 1967; March - August 1968
CollectionTidey Family
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsBeaches Bicycles Birthdays Children Christmas Domestic Gardens Family Fathers Fire Services Games Houses Leisure Time Activities Mothers Play
LocalPartridge Green Horsham
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMrs. Vera Tidey
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
Duration30min. 49sec.
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This home movie features children of the Pennifold family filmed by their grandmother. The children are seen mostly at play and celebrating birthdays at houses in Partridge Green and Horsham. The film also includes scenes from a family christening at Horsham Parish Church and a village fete at Partridge Green.


The film opens with shots of young children playing with toys on a pavement, their parents accompany them. The children stop to look at a full-size nativity scene in the street. They continue playing on the driveway at The Gables, Church Road, Partridge Green (their grandparents house)?; inside a boy plays with a toy garage; close-up shots of the Christmas tree. Outside, the children hold up Christmas presents (?) to the camera. Back inside, the family sits down to eat Christmas dinner.

The film cuts to dark shots of a fire in the middle of a road; a fire engine can just be seen and a fireman uses a hose to extinguish the fire. The children are seen playing games with their grandfather (?) in the garden; the boy attempts to throw a small paper aeroplane and also rides a bike around the garden. The children, dressed in swim wear, all sit in a wheelbarrow with water in it; they jump in and out and play with the water. Their grandfather (?) pours water over them from a watering can; they play with water from a hose pipe. Shots of the girl roller skating on the driveway.

Shots of the children on a disused railway line at Partridge Green picking primroses with their mother and grandmother, followed by the boy attempting to roller skate on the driveway. Shots of the same boy with friends celebrating his 6th birthday; he holds his birthday cake whilst the others are seen sitting around the table. Shots of children blowing out candles and brief shots of the children playing pass the parcel. Shots of the children playing on a beach. Parents show off their children to the camera at The Gables; a baby sits in a rocker playing with a toy and later it is seen in a pram. Shots of more birthday parties at Merryfield Drive, Horsham (the family home)?, intersected by scenes of a christening at the Parish Church in Horsham.

Children play in the garden at Merryfield Drive and celebrate another birthday; a game of pass the parcel is played and a child is seen having a bath. Back at The Gables, the children play in the front garden. Shots of a village fete; a marching band processes into the field, followed by majorettes and various decorated floats. The film ends with shots of a family gathering at The Gables; a child is pushed around the garden in a wheelbarrow.