Title ID 2955Collection ID404
Title[King's Mead School Sports, Outings and Recreational Activities; Army Artillery Display; Royal Navy Fleet]
Date[ca. 1928 - 1930]
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fiction
KeywordsAnimals Armed Forces Bridges Building Construction Children Education Leisure Time Activities Schools Ships Sport
LocalBishopstone Newhaven Seaford
RegionalEast Sussex Surrey
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionNot known
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration35 min. 10 sec.
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A compilation of amateur material showing the pupils of King's Mead Preparatory School engaged in a variety of recreational activities, and a flotilla of Royal Navy ships.


The camera films whilst the pupils and staff of King's Mead Preparatory School have numerous official photographs taken. The boys are also seen playing cricket, performing acrobatics, cooking sausages on open-fires, feeding a pair of crows by hand, touring Newhaven harbour by boat, and building rope bridges across a dyke. Soldiers give an artillery display on the games field, firing the large guns before allowing the boys to inspect them. The film also contains images of the Royal Navy Fleet out at sea which were filmed from aboard one of the ships.