Title ID 2899Collection ID370
TitleLodge Hill Residential Education Centre
Date[ca. 1960]
CollectionPaul Plumb
KeywordsBuildings Camping Dance Food Landscape Recreational Facilities Youth
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionPaul Plumb
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
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This amateur film is set at Lodge Hill Residential Education Centre at Watersfield, West Sussex. The film shows a visit to the centre made by a group of young people who are seen exploring the centre and its grounds. The film captures their mealtimes as well as an evening disco. On separate occasions the young people are visited by an elderly couple and a church minister who talk with them.


Opening titles: "This Is A Film Of Lodge Hill The Residential Centre", "Of The W.S.C.C., Originally A Shooting Lodge And During The", "War As A Civil Defence Centre", "Purchased In 1945 By The W.S.C.C. For Residential Education" [titles laid over shots from a moving vehicle]; "The House In The Wood". The film opens with the continuing of the shots from the vehicle as it approaches Lodge Hill. Young people climb out of the back of a minibus and are seen entering the the main building; shots as they sign in. They are beckoned to their rooms where they are seen unpacking and lying on the beds. Shots of the exterior of the main building and from the roof. The young people are seen in the gardens watching the gardener tending to the plants. A car is seen arriving at the centre, an elderly couple get out and enter the building. Shots of the young people in their rooms, they make their way to meet the elderly couple; the children sit on the floor and listen to the man as he speaks. Shot of an arm reaching out of a window; a bell is rung. The young people are seen running; shots in the kitchen of food being prepared. Young people and adults sit down to eat a meal, after which they are seen sitting in a lecture theatre. Shots of a campsite follow; young people light a Primus stove. The group of young people are seen walking in the woods; a boy is seen running a bath. Shots of food laid out for a meal; the young people eat. Shots of a record player and the young people dancing; they each hold a candle and sing; a Christian Minister is seen talking to the young people. Shots of them in their beds. Title: "The End".