Title ID 288Collection ID504
Title[Family Album]
CollectionHarrison / Williams
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAnimals Buildings Castles Family Outings Seaside Resorts Domestic Gardens Parks Plants Play Summer Beaches Piers [Palace Pier, Brighton]
LocalPolegate Robertsbridge Brighton
RegionalEast Sussex Brighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr. Harrison
CameraMr. Harrison
FormatColour Silent
Duration13 min. 32 sec.
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In home movie compilation shot by Mr. Harrison, a member of Brighton Cine Club, family members and friends are seen in the garden in Hollingbury, at Wannock Gardens, Bodium Castle and East Brighton Golf Course. Views of The Rockery at Preston Park, the Pavilion and Brighton Beach are also included.


The film-maker's ginger cat is seen in the garden, lying in the sun. Family members are seen on an outing to Wannock Gardens in Polegate, walking amongst the flower gardens in bloom and the pansies filling a greenhouse. Mrs. Harrison sits with her mother and daughter, laughing and smiling. Scenes filmed at Bodiam Castle follow. Mrs. Harrison walks around the ramparts with her daughter. Views of the castle battlements, turrets and arrowslits. The pair sit under a tree with Mrs. Harrison's mother, three generations of women.

Brighton Beach scenes follow. Boats sail out to sea, and the Palace Pier and East Brighton beach are full of people. Family members walk along the promenade, a green Southdown bus passing behind on the coastal road. Flowers growing in the film-maker's garden are seen. A group of women wearing colourful summer dresses gather at a swing bench in the lawn. They explore the garden, inspecting the flowers and roses. A large brightly coloured sunshade stands in the middle of the garden. The women practice their golf swings with golf clubs, swinging wildly they repeatedly miss the golf balls. The women pose together for the camera.

Views of The Rockery opposite Preston Park on London Road, Brighton, follow. The grass bank stretches up the municipal garden to a pond above. A bridge arches over the water. A bus drives along London Road. Family members walk along Old Steine. Views of the Pavilion from Old Steine follow. Men play golf on East Brighton Golf Course [?]. Children sit in the film-maker's garden in Hollingbury. They accompany the men to the golf course, where further swings take place. The camera pans across to the South Downs and fields, closing the film.