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TitleSea fishing at Bognor Regis; Horsham swimming pool
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fiction
KeywordsBeaches Boats Parks Piers Sea Fishing Swimming
LocalBognor Regis Horsham
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionCyril Phillips
FormatColour Silent
Duration37 min. 06 sec.
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Two nicely shot films made by an amateur film-maker during the summer of 1972. The first documents several boat trips with local fisherman at Bognor Regis, including footage of lobster pots and mackerel caught on a free line. The second film records a trip to the open-air pool at Horsham Park, which closed around 1979 to be replaced by a newer facility.


Titles: 'Filmed and edited by Cyril Phillips, July 1972', 'BOGNOR REGIS'. The film opens with a shot of a sign advertising fishing trips at Bognor. A group of fisherman are seen on the shingle beach beside the pier, laying out crabs from fishing pots. There are shots of a small fishing boat being towed to the water across sand flats by a tractor, and views of the sea front at Bognor from the beach. Now onboard a small motorboat there follows footage of several fishing trips along the shoreline. It is not clear whether these are shot on the same day or over several days. Mr Phillips shoots from the boat, occasionally coming into view himself as he holds the camera away from him and we see his face to the side of the shot. The first few trips are captained by a man with long hair and a beard, wearing waders. They are joined on these first trips few by two other men. The captain steers the boat alongside bouys marking lobster pots, and hauls up a pot. When opened a large lobster is pulled out of the trap. There are several trips back to shore, with Mr Phillips remaining onboard the boat filming. During the time on the water, his camera also focuses on sea birds, rocks, a large ship out to sea and small rowing boats on the water nearby. After several trips out, the captain changes the motor on the boat, and the other men leave to go ashore. Mr Phillips and the captain head out again, the captain reclining and smoking a cigarette while steering the motorboat with his feet. The film cuts to a view from a boat in the shallows looking back towards the sea front at Bognor. A teenaged boy runs towards the boat and climbs aboard, starting the motor. Mr Phillips now joins this younger captain on several fishing trips. The boy unwinds a fishing line behind him and trails the line in the water. There are several shots of the boy pulling in mackerel caught on the line and placing them in a bucket. We also see footage of Mr Phillips sat in the boat with his cameras and equipment strapped across his chest. The boy also films Mr Phillips as he in turn films across the water. Mr Phillips is also filmed packing up used film reels into their packets. There are shots of the shoreline, a wrecked boat close to a beach and the pier at Bognor from the boat.
After the last trip out to sea, the approaching shore at Bognor is filmed, and the bearded captain approaches the boat as they arrive. Mr Phillips is seen climbing up the beach with his cameras. There are shots of a boy eating crab on the beach, empty lobster pots and a helicopter flying above. This section of the film ends with a shot of Mr Phillips handing over some money and shaking the hand of the young captain.

The second film opens with a close up of a sign reading 'Swimming Pool, coming in?'. There is a shot of the road beside the sign and several people walking through gates into Horsham Park. There are scenes of the gardens and a playground, with visitors walking through the grounds and children playing on a slide and a climbing frame. At the outdoor pool in the park, there are shots of a boy diving into the water and swimming. Mr Phillips is seen coming out of the pool building, and other swimmers are seen around the pool side. There are scenes of Mr Phillips and another man running and jumping into the water, on a water slide and using a diving board. A wall-mounted mangle by the pool is used to wring out wet swimming trunks. The film ends with two animated titles reading: 'The end' and 'There will now be a pause for a change of reels'.


A still from 'Sea fishing at Bognor Regis; Horsham swimming pool' (1972)A still from 'Sea fishing at Bognor Regis; Horsham swimming pool' (1972)A still from 'Sea fishing at Bognor Regis; Horsham swimming pool' (1972)A still from 'Sea fishing at Bognor Regis; Horsham swimming pool' (1972)A still from 'Sea fishing at Bognor Regis; Horsham swimming pool' (1972)A still from 'Sea fishing at Bognor Regis; Horsham swimming pool' (1972)