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Title[The Wistrand Family in the USA; At the Seaside]
CollectionWistrand Family
KeywordsBeaches Boats Children Family Games Leisure Time Activities Outings Play
LocalHawaii [?]
NationalUnited States North and Central America
ProductionTor H. Wistrand
CameraMrs Wistrand [?]; Tor H. Wistrand [?]
ParticipantsMrs Wistrand; Philippa Wistrand; Sylvia Wistrand
FormatColour Silent
Duration5 min. 45 sec.
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Home movie footage of a Swedish family who lived in the United States during the Second World War. The women of the family are joined by friends on a canoe trip and at an otherwise deserted beach. They swim in the sea, play hopscotch in the sand and fish for crabs.