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Title[Moruth; School Sports; Christening]
Date[ca. 1929]
CollectionNightingale Family
KeywordsCelebrations Children Domestic Gardens Family Games Leisure Time Activities Sport
LocalIfield Crawley Sanderstead Croydon
RegionalGreater London West Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionFlorence Nightingale Payne
CameraFlorence Nightingale Payne
ParticipantsWinnie Buckwell; Albert Jones; Betty Jones (née Nightingale); Carol Nightingale (?); David Nightingale (?); Edward John Nightingale; Eleanor Grace Nightingale (?); Eleanor 'Nell' Nightingale (?); Florence Nightingale Payne; Ruth Nightingale (Snr); Ruth Nightingale (?); Margaret Payne; Sidney Payne
FormatBlack & White Silent
Duration5 min. 5 sec.
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Florence Nightingale Payne films family and friends in the gardens of her Surrey home 'Moruth'. Her daughter Margaret joins classmates at Croham Hurst School's Sports Day. Members of the extended Nightingale family gather at the christening of the Edward John Nightingale.