Title ID 2720Collection ID304
TitleFloral Fancies
CollectionTony Hounsome
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsParks Plants Animals
LocalEast Grinstead
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionTony Hounsome
CameraTony Hounsome
FormatMixed Colour and Black & White Silent
Duration4 min. 13 sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


Close up and wide views of East Court Gardens, East Grinstead, taken by Tony Hounsome in 1950.


East Court Gardens scenes. Flowers and shrubs are seen in close up. A bee lands on a bloom, swaying in the breeze. Roses and gerberas are seen from above and below, opened to the sky. Lilies blanket a pond, across which small birds walk. The edit shifts from close up to wider views of the gardens, borders, lawn and benches. The pond and lilies, boarders and blooms are seen in colour footage, the park bursting with green, pink and yellow. 'The End' is seen on the lawn, scattered with petals.