Title ID 2719Collection ID304
TitleThe Loan Worker
CollectionTony Hounsome
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurFictionChase
KeywordsDance Film Making Law Enforcement Parks Shops
LocalEast Grinstead
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr T. A. Hounsome
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
Duration6min. 37sec.
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This amateur fictional film won the Pathéscope Amateur Cine Film Open Award in 1952. The film centres around a fictional amateur cine enthusiast called Joe who, despite not owning a camera, wants to make a film. Joe steals a camera from a shop and sets about making a film. The police catch up with Joe, after which he is presented as a reformed character, having taken up stamp collecting.


The film opens with a close-up shot of a certificate: “Pathéscope Amateur Cine Film Open Award 1952 Certificate Merit” and titles: "T.A. Hounsome Presents The Loan Worker", "Meet Joe A Broke Amateur Cine Enthusiast". Shots of Joe reading a Cine World magazine. Titles: "He Wanted To Make A Film" & "But Had No Camera". Shots of Joe walking across a road towards some shops, he looks at the window display of a camera shop; close-up of an 'Argus' camera. He looks around before taking a brick out of his pocket. Title: "So He Borrowed One"; shot of a broken window and the display with the camera missing. Title: "Next Day Joe Commenced To Film"; shots of Joe walking out of a house and along a road with the camera under his arm. He shots scenes in East Grinstead town centre, on seeing a policeman, he turns and walks in the opposite direction. Shots of Joe walking through the town centre, he sees a poster outside a cinema which reads: "Today Hunted Dirk Bogarde Kay Walsh". Joe walks to a park, sign: "To The Park"; his face lights up when he spots a woman on a bench reading a newspaper. He begins to film the woman; close-up of headline on newspaper: "Camera Thief Gets Three Years". Joe walks off through some trees and sits down; a thought bubble appears: "Three Years". Joe picks up a newspaper which is lying nearby, an advert reads: "Forget Your Cares In Hawaii". He smiles to himself; girls in Hawaiian skirts dance on a Hawaiian set. Joe begins to film again; shots of Joe filming intersected by Hawaiian girls dancing. Shots of Joe waking up from where he sat down; a policeman ushers him. He gets up and walks towards the policeman, title: "Reformed"; the film ends with a shot of Joe sitting reading a book about stamps; he turns the page to reveal "The End".