Title ID 2712Collection ID302
Title[Seaside; 'The Brooks'; snowstorm; scouting circus; air show; seafront; park]
Date14 April 1966; 4 June 1966; September 1966; 26 March 1967; 16 April 1967
CollectionElliott Family
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsAircraft Beaches Children Family Leisure Time Activities Mothers Motor Vehicles Parks Piers Roads Scouting Seasons Winter
LocalLittlehampton Arundel Farnborough
RegionalWest Sussex Hampshire
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionD. P. Elliott
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Silent
Duration27min. 26sec.
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This home movie features various family activities between 1966 and 1967. The film opens with scenes of the children and their mother on the seafront at Littlehampton; the children are also seen taking part in a Scouts and Cubs circus performance. Family visits to Arundel Park and Farnborough Air Show also feature.


The film opens with shots a mother and two children on the breakwater at Littlehampton. The children explore the beach; shots of the mother walking along the promenade with a pram; shot of the baby in the pram. The boys continue to explore in the beach and hide behind some wooden steps against the sea wall. At "The Brooks" on Easter Sunday, the children are given a drink from a flask by their mother whilst the baby sits in a pushchair; the children play with the baby. The film cuts to scenes of a road covered in snow in the Seaton area of Littlehampton; shots of a petrol station and vehicles traveling along the road. The mother plays with the baby outside and kisses one of her children; the boy waves to the camera. The woman is joined by her husband (?) and they both play with the baby. The film cuts to scenes of Scouts and Cubs running around a field; they jump up and salute; parents sit on deckchairs, the children on the ground. A man in fancy dress leads a procession of children, some in uniform and others in fancy dress. The children perform circus acts, such as spinning plates and acting out scenes. The film cuts to shots of biplanes in the sky at an Farnborough Air Show, jets and helicopters can also be seen. Shots of the toddler playing on Littlehampton seafront; the mother picks some daisies and gives them to the toddler. The film ends with shots of the family at Arundel Park; the boys explore; the toddler standing with her mother waves at the camera.