Title ID 2629Collection ID301
TitleHerne Hill Cricket Club, Kent Tour
CollectionFord Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fiction
KeywordsMen Recreational Facilities Sport
LocalFolkestone Dover Ramsgate Tenterden
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionA. E. Ford
Format16mm Black & White Silent
Duration12min. 32sec.
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This amateur film captures the Herne Hill Cricket Club as it tours Kent competing against other cricket teams during the summer of 1931. Matches are played at Folkestone, Dover, Chatham House School at Ramsgate, and Tenterden; intertitles show the score at each of the venues.


"Herne Hill Cricket Club Kent Tour June 1931"

"Herne Hill 278 for 6 Decl. (L. Bishop 130) Folkestone 165 for 6"; the film opens with shots of two umpires walking onto the ground, the players follow. Shots of a match and players sitting in the stand; more players walk onto the ground, shots of a match. Title: "Herne Hill 236 (L. Bishop 68 F.C. Warren 40) Folkestone 99"; shots of bats- men changing over further shots of the match.

The film cuts to a shot of people looking at a parked car on a residential street; elsewhere a man sits smoking a pipe, he looks directly at the camera. Title: "Dover 246 for 6 Decl. Herne Hill 196 for 1 (R.H. Smith 87 not out) (H.J. Croughton 76 not out)"; shots of players emerging; close-ups of a player. Shots of the match.

Titles: "Chatham House School 74 Herne Hill 179 for 5 (J.F. Fisher 59 A.E. Ford 32 not out)"; shots of men in suits standing by the wickets; close-ups of a man swinging a bat. Players come out on to the ground; shots of a match. Spectators sit in deckchairs watching and a man alters the score on the scoreboard.

Titles: Tenterden 143 Herne Hill 64 (L. Bishop 34); shots of two men standing next to a scoreboard; the team stand outside the Woolpack public house in Tenterden. Shots of players and spectators sitting on the edge of a field. Shots of the match and players taking tea.

Titles: "Herne Hill 204 (A.R. Wood 43) Dover 117 for 5"; shots of players talking, they look towards the camera and smile. Title: "The Selection Committee! R.F. Smith L.C. Johnson"; close-ups of players laughing and talking, they toss a coin and play resumes. The film ends with shots of two men talking and smoking on the edge of the ground.