Title ID 2624Collection ID289
Title[Horse Riding and Family Holiday in Switzerland; Includes: B.A.R.C. 'Daily Graphic' International Meeting at Goodwood]
Date[ca. 1950s]; 27 September 1952
Genre/TypeAmateurFamily Home MovieNon-fictionActuality/Factual
KeywordsSport Cars Racing Zoological Gardens Animals Summer Autumn
LocalGoodwood Geneva Pully Bern Zermatt
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom Switzerland
ProductionJohn M. Glauser
CameraJohn M. Glauser
ParticipantsGiuseppe 'Nino' Farino; José Froilán González; Louis Rosier; Alan Brown; Ken Downing; Eric Thompson; Stirling Moss; Dennis Poore; Reg Parnell; Raymond Mays; Ken Wharton.
Format16mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Silent
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This family film starts with a horse riding event. A short depiction of the B.A.R.C. 'Daily Graphic' International Meeting at Goodwood showing racing cars, drivers and teams on 27 September 1952. Brown bears in the Bärengraben (Bear Pit) in Bern. Holiday in Switzerland using the 'Vevey' lake steamer at Pully with water skiing and Jet d'Eau fountain in Geneva. Chairlift and mountain scenery including the Matterhorn.


A black and white still image taken from TID 2624, showing 3 racing cars on the starting line for the International Meeting at Goodwood. Spectators crowd the side of the track and balcony of a nearby building, to watch the race.
A black and white still image taken from TID 2624, showing a close up view of an adult brown bear at the bottom of its pit enclosure at the Bärengraben, Bern in Switzerland. The bear is looking up at visitors with its mouth open and teeth showing, begging for scraps of food. A colour still image taken from TID 2624, showing a wide view of the paddle steamer 'Vevey' from a jetty pier on lake Geneva at Pully, Switzerland.

Contextual information

Information follows on the 'Daily Graphic' International Meeting at Goodwood from John Glauser, the film maker, who remembers the event thus: “Raymond Mays, promoter of the BRM, drove it from the pits up to the starting line, aided by a few individuals (including JG) who wanted to say they had pushed it! There, González took it over and drove it, pumping his elbows in a unique style. The BRM had 16 cylinders set radially by designer Berthon, and went very fast on the straights but cornered badly. Nino Farina was elegant, with goggles, and held a doctorate in Economics! [Political Economy, University of Turin]. World Champion in 1950 [first official Formula One world champion], but died a few years later in a crash [1966]. I spoke to Louis Rosier in French. He also died fairly shortly after [1956]. It was a dangerous sport. Tony Rolt had driven a Jaguar well at Le Mans, but Stirling Moss was a little surprised to be overtaken by him. The races were less formal in those days and nosey enthusiasts could circulate in the pits and talk to the drivers.”

Annabel Glauser did some research using the October 3, 1952 edition (Vol. 5, No. 14) of Autosport and the Official Souvenir Programme and has established a shot list with details of the drivers:

The event featured seven races:

  1. 2.00pm: The Madgwick Cup. Seven-lap scratch race. Formula 2 cars.
  2. 2.30pm: Five-lap Scratch Race. 500 cc cars [F3].
  3. 2.55pm: The Woodcote Cup. Five-lap scratch race. Formula Libre cars.
  4. 3.25pm: Five-lap Scratch Race. Sports cars over 1500 cc and not exceeding 3500 cc non s/c.
  5. 3.55pm: First September Handicap. Five-lap race for cars in racing trim over 500 cc. [Racing Cars].
  6. 4.20pm: Second September Handicap. Five-lap race for cars in sports trim, over 1500 cc to 3500 cc. [Sports cars].
  7. 4.50pm: The ‘Daily Graphic’ Goodwood Trophy Race. Fifteen-lap scratch race for Formula Libre cars. Entries by invitation.

Start of race – The Madgwick Cup.

Front row 16: Alan Brown (car: Cooper-Bristol / entrant: Ecurie Richmond). 24: Ken Downing (Connaught). 32: Eric Thompson (car: Connaught / entrant: Connaught Racing Syndicate). Second row 17: Stirling Moss (car: ERA / entrant: ERA Ltd.). Followed by 20: Dennis Poore (car: Connaught / entrant: Connaught Racing Syndicate).

Exiting pits.

5: José Froilán González (car: BRM / entrant: BRM Ltd.). 2: Giuseppe ‘Nino’ Farina (car: ‘Thin Wall Special’ – a modified Ferrari 375/F1 / entrant: G.A. Vandervell). 6: Reg Parnell (car: BRM / entrant: BRM Ltd.). 1: Louis Rosier (4½ litre Ferrari). Turns his head to look at JG who is filming. 17: Stirling Moss (car: ERA / entrant: ERA Ltd.).

Start of race – The Woodcote Cup.

Front row 5: González (BRM). 2: Nino Farina (‘Thin Wall Special’ Ferrari). Talking and laughing with an official, and a good shot of the smoking rear tyres when he starts. 6. Reg Parnell (BRM). Second row 1: Louis Rosier (Ferrari).

Woodcote Cup: González (car no. not visible in shot) and Farina (car no. 2) (with a broken rear axle) crossing the finishing line (chequered flag goes down).
Raymond Mays driving car no. 6 (Reg Parnell’s BRM) – to / from the pits (pushed by mechanics). José Froilán González talking. Louis Rosier talking. Raymond Mays again (in car).

Start of race – The ‘Daily Graphic’ Goodwood Trophy.

Front row 5: González (BRM). 7: Ken Wharton (BRM). 6: Reg Parnell (BRM). Second row 16: Alan Brown (Cooper-Bristol) (car number not visible in shot).