Title ID 2603Collection ID296
TitleSir Stafford and Lady Cripps visit aircraft factory during the Anti-Scrap Campaign
ThemeWartime and Military
KeywordsArmed Forces Buildings Industry Propaganda Second World War (1939-1945)
NationalUnited Kingdom
Productionnot known
Format16mm Black & White Silent
Duration10min. 25sec.
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This professionally made film features the visit of Lord Stafford and Lady Cripps to an aircraft factory during the anti-scrap campaign. Whilst there they speak with workers and trainees and look around the Aircraft Service Shop. The film was possibly made to help encourage the public to recycle waste scrap metal and so that they could see how it was being used as part of the war effort.


Opening titles: "Sir Stafford and Lady Cripps", "visit the factory", "during the Anti-Scrap Campaign". The film opens with shots of Sir Stafford and Lady Cripps arriving at the aircraft factory; they are greeted by men wearing suits. Accompanied, they walk through the grounds of the factory and talk briefly with a policeman on guard. Title: "In the Aircraft Service Shop."; shots of inside the factory; components are piled up on benches. The visiting party look around the service shop; Lady Cripps talks with a lady worker. Title: "Sir Stafford and Lady Cripps are interested in the young trainees."; shots of the visiting party talking to trainees whilst they work. Shots of the group assembled in a radio broadcasting room; a man, reading a piece of paper, speaks into a microphone. A poster on the wall reads: "Every pink rejection note makes that devil Hitler gloat." Shots of the Lord and Lady leaving the factory and being driven off. Title: "The Aircraft Production Committee"; shots of the committee leaving a building. Inside an office, a poster reads: "Anti-Scrap Competition". Title: "The Ballot"; a man and a woman spin a raffle drum others pick out slips of paper. Poster: "Your Scrap is Hitler's Bonus; For Victory's sake, take extra care. We've neither time nor tools to spare...". Shots of men and women looking at scrap metal piled up on a table. Title: "and here is The Menace!", shot of a cartoon squander bug, "Don't let him get near YOUR work!", "That's Right. Chuck It About, It All Helps To Make Scrap". Shot of a poster on a factory, "Stop That Scrap". Title: "The End".