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Title[Lindfield scouting activities, Jubilee Jamboree]
KeywordsCamping Celebrations Commemorative Events Parades Parks Scouting Youth Youth Organizations
LocalSutton Coldfield
RegionalWest Midlands
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionMr Taylor
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
Duration7min. 14sec.
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This amateur film features the Lindfield Scouts at the Jubilee Jamboree at Sutton Coldfield in 1957. The boys from Lindfield are seen eating and washing near their tents and later taking part in a parade with other Scout groups from around the world.


The film opens with dark and grainy shots of the Jubilee Scout Jamboree at Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. Shots of the camp; close-up shot of an igloo and very dark shots of children riding on a miniature railway. A tractor pulls a trailer with children sitting on it; shots of a Viking longboat forming an entranceway and other structures. Dark shots of meals being prepared on campfires.


This section opens with dark, blurred and jerky shots of a tent and a boy washing outside; he chases another boy nearby and drags him along the ground. His arms and legs are bound and a group standing around him pour water on him. Shots of the boys clearing up after a meal and then dressed in uniform going to a church service (?). The boys stand in a group next to a wooden cross. Shots of boys play fighting.


Scouts parading, the different groups carry their national flag. A glider is seen landing on the parade ground. Shot of an archway: "Jubillee Jamboree". More shots of Scouts marching, each group is carrying their national flag.