Title ID 2439Collection ID362
TitleAn excursion on the English Riviera
Date[ca. 1925]
ThemeSeaside Travel
KeywordsBeaches Buildings Castles Piers Piers [Palace Pier, Brighton] Railway Stations Religious Buildings Seaside Resorts Sport Steam Locomotives
LocalLondon Brighton Hastings Eastbourne
RegionalGreater London East Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
Duration2min. 47sec.
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This short professionally made film features the south coast towns of Brighton, Hastings and Eastbourne. With the inclusion of intertitles, the film takes the form of a fictional journey made on the Brighton Belle from London to Brighton. Places of interest to the visitor are featured in each town, including the Royal Pavilion, Hastings Castle and Eastbourne Pier.


"An Excursion On The English Riviera"

A title reads: "The departure from Victoria Station of the "Southern Belle" an express de luxe, en route for Brighton". The film opens with a brief shot of the train at the platform before it pulls of; a man waves and a station porter walks through the shot. The train pulls out of the station.


"The pearl of the English Riviera, is 50 miles distant from London" Brief shot of a couple standing on the Palace Pier.Title: "A view of the main front"; shot of Kings Road and the seafront from the Palace Pier. Title: "The beach"; shot of the beach from the pier and houses on Regency Square. Title: "The two piers."; shot of the Palace Pier. Title: "The late residence of H.M. George IV."; shot of a couple standing in the grounds of the Royal Pavilion.


"This historic town is built at the foot of the rocks that are surmounted by the ruins of an old castle". Brief shots of Hastings Castle. Title: "An ancient building which contains the offices of the municipality."; shot of a medieval building. Title: "St. Clement's Church."; shots of the church building. Title: "The sea-front." Shots of the seafront and beach along Carlisle Parade. Title: "The Piers"; shot of Hastings Pier.


"At an almost equal distance between Hastings and Brighton this town is situated at the foot of the cliffs of Beachy Head". Very brief shot of cliffs, followed by the beach with the pier in the background. Title: "The queen of a countryside that is without its equal in beauty, Eastbourne is very much renowned as a watering-place."; shots of the beach and seafront. Title: "The pier is one of the most attractive along the English coast"; shots of Eastbourne Pier and a seafront building. Title: "The Parade or sea-front that is laid out with flowerbeds along its whole length"; shots of King Edward's Parade and cliffs beyond. Title: "A view of the shady streets and decorative flower-beds that ornament the town."; brief shot of buildings including a church. Title: "The Sports Ground where visitors find agreeable and numerous distractions"; shot of tennis players at Devonshire Park (?). Titles: "The End"; [Safety Film logo]; "A Pathescope Film".