Title ID 2275Collection ID208
Title[Coronation Horsham]
KeywordsChildren Commemorative Events Communities Coronations
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
Productionnot known
Format9.5mm Black & White Silent
Duration3min. 58sec.
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This amateur film captures some of the celebrations in Horsham to mark the coronation in 1953. The Carfax bandstand is seen elaborately decorated and the residents of Upper Bennetts Road take part in a street party. Smartly dressed children are seen sitting at tables spread with food and participate in races.


The film opens with the title "Coronation Horsham 19 - Sussex - 53". This is followed by shots of street scenes in Carfax with the bandstand elaborately decorated as a crown. Shots of a house are followed by the title "Upper Bennetts Rd Party". Children sit at long tables arranged in the road; adults pour tea from large teapots. Shots of the children show them taking part in various races, including a sack race. An intertitle reads: "All the runners". There are more shots of children and adults taking part in races; lanes have been specially marked on the road. Shots of the adults joining in with the sack race are followed by children queuing up with their parents to be given a souvenir coronation mug (?). Some children in fancy dress stand in line and are given coins (?) and other presents. A still shows a photograph portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. A final title reads: "Thanks to the organisers from us. Good show". The film ends with three men standing in front of the camera waving.


a still from [Coronation Horsham] (1953)