Title ID 2247Collection ID184
TitleSix Short Films with the Theme of "Help!"
CollectionAlbany Cine Club
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubFictionDrama
ThemeCine Club Film-making
KeywordsBeaches Armed Forces Buildings Clubs Houses Motor Vehicles Health Services Performing Arts Mothers
LocalBrighton Hove
RegionalWest Sussex Brighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionAlbany Productions Film Unit
FormatColour Sound
Duration16 min. 47 sec.
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Albany Productions presents... six films with "Help!" as their theme, produced for the 1966 Short Film Team Contest. Short comedy sketches are set in a lift, on the beach at Hove and Brighton, in an ambulance and the home of a vicar, whose quest for a wife to do the dishes doesn't quite go to plan...


  1. (music, no dialogue) A woman waits for a lift, where a man dressed in a soldier's uniform joins her. A woman waiting for the lift downstairs must walk up six flights of stairs. As she walks numbers appear; 1, 2, 3... When she reaches the sixth floor, she finds the lift door open and the soldier inside, holding the woman in his arms as she screams, scared of a mouse in the corner. The End.

  2. (music, no dialogue) A woman lies on a lilo in the sea. She is spotted by a man, sitting on a deck chair on the beach. He alerts another man with a dinghy, who pushes the boat into the water. Struggling, he loses his ores in the sea. The woman who he attempted to rescue must now rescue him, retrieving his ores and rowing the boat back to shore. The End.

  3. (music, no dialogue) An ambulance arrives at a house. A woman, who is about to have a baby, climbs into the back of the vehicle and they move off. Stopping a short distance away, one of the paramedics runs back to the house to retrieve her case. On the way to the hospital, the ambulance runs out of petrol and they have to stop to fill a can. Upon arrival at the hospital, the journey has taken so long, she has already had the baby. The End.

  4. (music, no dialogue) A man in a striped jacket and outlandish moustache leaves the Strathenden Hotel on Hove Seafront. At the beach, a man is repainting his shed, advertising 'Bathing Tents, Costumes and Towels For Hire'. A woman steps out of the shed in a bathing costume and walks down to the sea. The man with the moustache sees her splashing and waving for help in the water from where he walks on Hove promenade. The West Pier is seen in the distance. He runs in to rescue her, but loses his moustache. Her throws her out of his arms and swims to retrieve his lost moustache.

  5. (music, no dialogue) A vicar opens the door to his kitchen. The camera pans across a scene of dirty dishes to be washed up at the sink. He begins to wash the dishes but gives up. Instead, he writes an advertisement and slips it into the post box outside. A woman arrives at the front door, answering the advertisement. The vicar gives her an apron and she finishes washing the dirty dishes. They next day, she returns to do the hovering and clean the floors. They have a drink together in the living room. They are seen returning from a church, where they have just been married. The vicar's new wife is seen lounging in the garden, while he must do the washing up after all. The End.

The sixth film in the compilation seems to be missing.