Title ID 2246Collection ID184
TitleClub Commercials
CollectionAlbany Cine Club
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubNon-fictionPromotional/Publicity
ThemeCine Club Film-making
KeywordsFilm Making Clubs Performing Arts
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionAlbany Productions Film Unit
FormatColour Sound
Duration14 min. 10 sec.
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A compilation of five promotional films, advocating Albany Productions Film Unit. Join now!


  1. 'Have you got one?' asks the narrator, 'This man is about to get one.' A man, walking along the high street, picks up a Movie Maker magazine, dropped by a man passing by. From reading the magazine over coffee, he has caught "cinemania". Passing a camera shop, he pauses by the window display; 'a further attack is brought on by shiny knobs that twiddle and glistening glass.' The shop owner brings out an 8 mm camera for the man to buy; 'he cam sell him anything that buzzes and is very expensive.' The man begins to film enthusiastically in a park, 'but the results sometimes leave much to be desired.' When his film is delivered, he ignores the bills, but is dismayed that he has not made an 'epic film'. Back at the camera shop, the man buys a projector but 'confusion sets in... fingers become thumbs.' The man is seen at his dining table, film unraveled on the floor, fumbling with the projectors complex system of knobs and spools. But, 'he plunges deeper...'. More equipment appears on the table; microphones, cameras, tape players and headphones. His wife bursts in, shouting about the bills that he hasn't paid since catching "cinemania". The narrator reveals his cure for this poor man's dilemma; 'Just join your local cine group and use their equipment!' 'Have you joined one? You should!'

  2. Music plays. A series of protest placards are held up by invisible participants on a beach. They read 'Arm us with Canons', 'Go back Kodak', 'Beware of Cine!', 'Belt up Bolex!', 'Out with Zoom', 'Shut your Gate!', 'Create at Eight', 'The End is Nigh' and 'Ban the Pan'. A man, dressed in a Mexican costume, shots with a Yashica Automatic 8 mm camera. The viewer is urged to 'Join the shooting revolution'. 'Albany Productions needs you!'

  3. A short film about the importance of continuity when making films. 'Just watch this hat change colour!' says the narrator. He explains why an actor should always move in the same direction, shot to shot; 'even in moments of nonsense, we keep things going the right way!'

  4. 'Have you got a camera?' asks an intertitle. A man holding a newspaper is suddenly holding a cine camera. 'Do you know about continuity?' Two women, acting in a film, greet each other twice. 'Can you act?... Got electricity?' A man holds a plug in his hand. 'Have you got a place to write scripts?' A woman stands at a train station to type her script. 'Want to learn more? Join Albany Productions Film Unit.'

  5. Desire. 'Do you wish to write a script? Do you want to be a director?' A man sits at a typewriter, while another sits in a folding chair labeled 'Director', gesticulating wildly. 'Would you like to be a cameraman?' A man uses a fake camera to film a pair of underpants hanging on the washing line. 'Maybe you could be the "Heroine"? An old woman appears to have been thrown out of her house, holding a baby. 'Could you act the villain?' A man, wearing a top hat, tails and a fake moustache, holds a poison bottle. 'Perhaps you could be the "Hero".' A man in a sailor's hat fires a gun at the "villain". 'You could be a projectionist.' A man turns the handle of a projector propped on top of a pile of books. 'Or... only one of the audience.' Two men sit in a movie theatre, asleep. 'If you desire any of the foregoing, then join Albany Productions Film Unit. 'Intermission' appears as an intertitle, before a man in drag holds out a Kitkat.