Title ID 2240Collection ID184
TitleCompetition Capers
CollectionAlbany Cine Club
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubFictionDrama
KeywordsAnimals Bicycles Family Fathers Fetes Mothers Rural Areas Youth
LocalWest Sussex.
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionAlbany Cine Club
CameraGeoffrey Wackford; Raymond Farmer; George Baldock
DirectorRoy Bedwell
SoundRay Mitchell
CastVicar: Gilbert Denman; Curate: Ken Butterfield
Other creditsContinuity: Gwen Bedwell; Based on an original story by Nathalie A. Baldock
FormatStandard 8mm Colour Sound
Duration16min. 10sec.
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


This fast-paced amateur fictional comedy is based around the theme of a photographic competition organised as part of a church fete. An immoral curate and a hapless Guide mistress get themselves entangled with the efforts of a daughter and her father who are competing against each other to produce the winning photograph.


Opening titles: "Albany Productions", a vicar and a curate put up a poster on a church notice board advertising a "Grand Photographic Competition"; title: "Competition Capers". The curate walks off quickly when he sees a Guide mistress approaching; the vicars stands and talks to her briefly; people stop to look at the poster.

In the next scene, a man sits in a living room reading a photography magazine. His daughter who was seen earlier reading the poster arrives home and passes him an entry form for the competition; she leaves and comes back with a small camera. Her father gives her some money before she leaves the room again. The man looks thoughtfully at the entry form before leafing through some photographs. He shows his wife the form and a photograph and then retrieves his camera from a cupboard under the stairs.

His daughter is now seen walking in a field with her camera; the curate approaches on his bicycle, the peddle falls off and he falls to the ground. A car, being driven by the girls father narrowly misses the curate as he tries to fix his bicycle; he falls to the ground for a second time. The Guide mistress approaches the curate; he sees her and runs off in a hurry. The man in the car parks up and retrieves his photographic equipment from the boot of the car. The curate is now seen skulking in a field, looking through a pair of binoculars. The girl sees her father's car and appearing to recognise it, looks around for her father. The Guide mistress picks wild flowers; the curate spies a woman in the field who is sitting in the long grass putting flowers in her hair; she talks to someone who is obscured by the long grass. They spot the curate spying on them and the man gets up to look; having realised he has been spotted, the curate runs off sheepishly; the couple continue to kiss and cuddle in the long grass.

In a nearby paddock, the man sets up his tripod and camera to take a photograph of a horse; the curate continues to skulk in the field and disappears into some bushes. As he emerges, he bumps into the Guide mistress and they both fall the ground. Realising the curate is looking at her bare legs, the woman quickly pulls down her skirt to cover them up. He gets up and shuffles off. The man taking the photograph of the horse struggles to take the shot, he strokes the horse in an attempt to subdue it. His daughter watches this comical sight from a distance and laughs to herself, before walking off.

Banner: "Fete". Scenes of a church fete, lots of people are walking around looking at stalls. A poster reads: "Photographic Competition entries on show here". General scenes of the fete; the vicar and curate chat to each other. The young girl passes them and the woman in uniform plays on a side stall. The vicar and curate stand and greet people as they arrive for the judging of the photographic competition. Inside the room, the vicar and curate sit at a table facing the audience. The entries are arranged on a board at the front of the room. The girl, her father and mother and the Guide mistress are sitting in the audience. The vicar speaks to the audience; the curate glances down, leering at the legs of the Guide mistress. The vicar catches his eye and gives him a disapproving look; the curate looks embarrassed. The vicar points to the winning entry: a photograph of a man attempting to take a photograph of some horses in a paddock. The girl who took the photograph looks excitedly at her mother; her father looks annoyed and protests to his wife. The girl collects her prize from the vicar. Title: "The End" [rolling credits].