Title ID 2227Collection ID184
Date[ca. 1952]
CollectionAlbany Cine Club
Genre/TypeAmateurCine/Video clubFictionCrime/Detective
ThemeCine Club Film-making Working Life
KeywordsHarbours Men Performing Arts Workers
LocalShoreham [?]
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionAlbany Productions Film Unit
CameraG. M. Denman; Laurence V. Williams; Maurice Cruise
DirectorGeoffrey Wackford
CastFrank Kessler (Corrigan)
Other creditsRobin Mitchell; Raymond Mitchell
FormatBlack & White Sound
Copyright & AccessCopyright restrictions apply, contact Screen Archive South East for details


A morality tale set at the fictional Seahaven Harbour, produced by Albany Productions Film Unit in around 1952. Suspected of drug smuggling by the police, a businessman who refuses to give up his stash, puts his secretary in danger and kills the man who attempts to relieve him of the drugs kept in his office during a chase.


'Drug smuggling was suspected in Seahaven. The police felt certain but they needed proof. So, unobtrusively, they watched...'. In footage shot from the back seat of a moving car, a man drives through a town and to a harbour. He steps out of the car and hands the caretaker of Southern Shipping Office a letter to give to his boss, Mr. Corrigan. He takes the letter to Mr. Corrigan with his morning coffee. Spilling the coffee, the caretaker is ordered off by his quick-tempered boss. The typed letter reads 'Broder is taking our motor yacht over to the continent tonight... wait for him in your office.' As Mr. Corrigan stands at his window, stroking his chin, he catches the caretaker speaking with a policeman below. He opens a safe in the corner of his office and brings out a case of bottles marked 'Cocain Hydrochlor'. His secretary opens the door without knocking and hurries out as she is told off by her boss. Upon reentering, she begins to take notes in shorthand for Corrigan. Time passes, and it is now 6pm. The secretary begins to type from her notes at her desk outside his room. As she does so, a motorboat moves into the harbour, driven by Broder. The shady character slips a gun into his coat and walks towards the office. When he arrives, Mr. Corrigan, who has fallen asleep at his desk, is woken and the secretary sent home. She takes a bundle of letters with her but leaves her purse. Broder hands Corrigan a letter, which reads 'You have been careless. The police suspect you, so you must go... Don't attempt to make any trouble over this...'. Meanwhile, the secretary, standing a the bus stop, realises she must go back for her purse. The two men start to fight in the office, and Broder pulls out his gun. They struggle, punching each other before Corrigan falls on the floor. Broder searches the man's pockets for the key to the safe. As he finds the case, Corrigan's secretary returns and enters the office. Broder brings his hand over her mouth as she screams. She bites him and hurries from the office. A chase ensues; Corrigan, once conscious, chases Broder, who follows the secretary across the harbour before knocking her unconscious. A policeman joins the chase as Broder escapes on a boat. Corrigan catches up, firing at the man who falls into the water, dead. Corrigan, now on the run from the policeman, is caught by a passerby in an overcoat and led away, pass the secretary who has now regained consciousness. The End.