Title ID 2201Collection ID165
TitleShipley Fete
Date22 September 1985
CollectionReg Charman
KeywordsChildren Communities Dance Fetes Villages
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionReg Charman
FormatSuper 8mm Colour Sound
Duration3min. 5sec.
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This amateur film captures the excitement of the village as residents participate in the Shipley Fete. As the sails turn on Shipley Windmill, the children perform maypole dancing and play on a bouncy castle whilst two teams of adults compete in a game of tug of war.


Poster: "900th Anniversary Celebrations Church of St. Mary the Virgin Shipley W. Sx 1085-1985 September 22nd". The film opens with shots of St. Mary's Church, upbeat music is playing in the background throughout. Shots of the fair and a two teams competing in a game of tug of war in a field next to the church. Close-up shot of people standing on top of the church tower. The sails turn on Shipley Windmill, shots of stalls and children maypole dancing. A woman winds the handle on a water well. The film ends with shots of children playing on a bouncy castle. Title: "The End".