Title ID 2187Collection ID463
TitleScrapbook: A cine magazine for farmers - Number 2
Date1950 - 1951
CollectionSeafarer's Education Centre/Gas Council Material
Genre/TypeProfessionalIndependent Artist/Film-makerNon-fictionNewsreel/News
ThemeRural Life
KeywordsAnimals Farming Transport
LocalArundel Basingstoke Drws-y-naut Wickfield Dublin
RegionalWest Sussex Hampshire Yorkshire
NationalEngland Scotland United Kingdom Ireland Wales
ProductionRandom Productions
Commissioning bodyPeter Mills
Funding bodyShell-Mex; BP
DistributorSeafarers Education Service
WriterWarren Tute
NarratorJohn Witty, Tour Masson, Howard Marion Crawford, Desmond Llewellyn.
ParticipantsR. Patterson; Mr. Evans; James Hope Coopers [?]; James Sanderson (engineer tractor)
FormatBlack & White Sound
Duration20 min. 00 sec.
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One of a series of cinemagazine films about farm technology, sponsored by Shell and BP. This issue contains a compilation farming stories and scenes including visits to Arundel Castle, items on silage farming, sheep transportation, farming on steep land, a tractor from 1919, a livestock and agricultural show in Dublin.


  1. Visit to Arundel Castle
  2. Silage growing and harvesting as winter food for cattle
  3. Sheep transport, from Bath to Cardiff by train
  4. The reclamation of steep landscapes for farming. Ploughing with a steam engine softening the muddy land. A trench cutting machine for drainage and pipe laying
  5. A 1919 Veteran tractor
  6. A spring cattle show at the Royal Dublin Society Showground. The show includes new machinery, cows, ponies an Industry Hall with crafts and trades, and a horse jumping show.