Title ID 201Collection ID378
Title[Visit to 'Thatchley' at West Chiltington; At the Seaside; Harbour; Showground]
Date[ca. 1970s]
CollectionLewis Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionAlbum/Journal
KeywordsAnimals Boats Building Construction Children Domestic Gardens Ferries Houses Hovercraft Trades
LocalWest Chiltington
RegionalWest Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
Productionnot known
FormatColour Silent
Duration12min. 18sec.
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This silent home movie features a man thatching a roof at 'Thatchley' in West Chiltington as a child and puppies play in the garden. The film also includes footage of an agricultural show.


The film opens with shots of a man thatching the roof of a cottage at West Chiltington and shots of the cottage itself from the garden. Two puppies play in the garden and a young boy is seen at the bottom the the garden stroking some horses in the adjacent field. More shots of the puppies playing, on the patio, on top of a heap of sand and on the lawn. The horses are seen again in the field next door, followed by shots of the pond and swimming pool in the garden. More shots of the house follow, including flowers in the garden and blurred shots of a bird on the lawn.

The film cuts to shots of sailing boat on the sea as well as two British Rail ferry boats and a hovercraft.

Two children are seen with some goats in a field before the films cuts again to shots of construction work; piles are driven into the ground with the use of a crane.

The two children seen earlier are now seen playing in a garden; the girl peers out of a tipi-style tent and the boy is dressed as a cowboy.

The film ends with scenes of an agricultural show; the puppies seen earlier, but now older, are given water in a plastic cup from a water trough. In the arena, cows are shown and there are shots of a mounted cavalry parade. The dogs are seen being fed next to a parked car, along with shots of heavy horses and a hot air balloon in the sky overhead.