Title ID 200Collection ID378
Title[Family scenes at Christmas]
Date[ca. 1970s]
CollectionLewis Family
Genre/TypeAmateurIndependent AmateurNon-fictionActuality/Factual
ThemeFamily life
KeywordsChildren Christmas Everyday Life Family Houses Interiors Mothers
LocalSouthwick Hollingdean
RegionalWest Sussex Brighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionDon Lewis
CameraDon Lewis
FormatColour Sound
Duration7min. 27sec.
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An amateur film-maker captures everyday scenes of his grandchildren at their home in Southwick in this well-made home movie. The adults sit around chatting as the children play in the living room.


The film opens with shots of a small girl playing with toys in a living room; her parents and grandparents sit in the room chatting [a television can be heard in the background]. The film cuts to scenes of the girl sitting in a bath in front of an open fire; a dog lies in front of the fire next to the bath. The adults talk to the child, who replies, whilst holding up a flannel to show the adults the picture on it. Sitting on her mothers lap, the girl is dried before she joins her brother who is playing with the dog on the floor. The mother is seen holding the the camera microphone. Her granddad, who is filming, calls to the child. The child stands naked in front of the fire whilst her mother dresses her in pyjamas; whilst being dressed, she points to the camera and asks "what is that?", her grandmother replies that it is the bright light on the camera. The mother and grandmother chat about how they get their milk delivered. The child is seen sitting under a Christmas tree sticking labels to presents whilst the adults continue to chat. A man lies on the sofa smoking a pipe and the boy throws a ball for the dog. The girl and her grandmother wave at the camera.

The film end with very brief silent scenes of a children's party at Hollingbury Hall in Hollingdean (?).