Title ID 1794Collection ID414
Title[The Bluebell Dukedog]
Date[ca. 1960s]
CollectionBluebell Railway
KeywordsSteam Locomotives Trains Railway Stations Railways Labour Workers Uniforms Fancy dress Clothing
LocalSheffield Park
RegionalEast Sussex
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionTom Martin
CameraTom Martin
FormatColour Sound
Duration13 min. 10 sec.
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A trip along the Great Western Railway's Earl of Berkeley 3217 on the Bluebell Line after its restoration in the early 1960s, produced by Tom Martin, a founding member of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society.


The 3217 moves past, seen in several views taken from the side of the track. Passengers lean out of the carriage windows. The 1417 is seen, passing by and at a station. The 3217 pulls conservation carriages, the Bluebell 323, a smaller engine, attached to the back. Close-ups of the 3217, its skin cracked and peeling, are shown. The engine is clearly in need of repair and restoration. Men set about, working on the locomotive's exterior. The engine is shown during restoration, where pots and bushes litter the ground. Men file and clean the engine's signs. The men wear workwear; denim shirt and blue overalls. They slick gloss paint over the rust and cracked exterior. Naming ceremony scenes at Sheffield Park Station are included; the Station Master makes a speech and a woman in sunglasses stands in wait. Uniformed drivers talk in the cab, leaning out and looking over to the track. Footage shot from the cab while the train moves along the track follows. A group of men and women in period costume walk along a platform with linked arms. The young men wear striped blazers and boaters or a top hat and tails, while the women wear blouses and long skirts.