Title ID 1748Collection ID155
Title3rd Battalion the Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment
Date1958 - 1961
CollectionQueens Royal Surrey Regiment
ThemeWartime and Military
KeywordsAircraft Armed Forces Boats Bridges Buildings Ceremonies Civil Defence Commemorative Events Docks Harbours Men Monuments Parades Ships
LocalEpsom Guildford Hastings Millom
RegionalSurrey East Sussex Cumbria Devon
NationalEngland United Kingdom Netherlands Belgium
ProductionWOll R. E. Alexander
SoundSgt. A. J. Palmer
Format16mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Silent
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This silent film features events in the life of the 3rd Battalion The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment (TA) between 1958 and 1961. Intersected with titles, the film includes exercises, civil defence training, parades, initiative tests, combined operations, an annual camp and a tour of Belgium and the Netherlands.


Opening titles & credits: "3rd Battalion The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment (TA)", "1958" & "Part 1 Infantry/Tank Exercise with the Westminster Dragoons (TA) 8th/9th March"; shots of tanks taking part in manoeuvres, soldiers with guns move through the countryside. Title: "An Exercise with The Royal Marine Commandos 26th/27th July"; soldiers rowing a boat, in the woods they are seen resting before taking part in more exercises; shots of dinner being prepared and eaten. Title: "Civil Defence Training, Epsom 23rd November"; soldiers assist a hysterical woman with a bicycle and search debris for casualties; a man is carried off on a stretcher. Another injured man is lowered on a stretcher from a first floor above a ruined shop. Titles: "T.A. Centenary Year 1959" & "Centenary Year March Through Guildford 20th June"; a military parade marches through the the town, crowds are gathered to watch. Title: "A few scenes at Queens Chapel Dedication Guildford Cathedral 19th July"; shots of people gathered for the dedication; a few people are dressed in military formal battle dress. Title: "Civil Defence Exercise, Hastings. 24th/25th October"; soldiers attend an injured woman, administering first aid; an injured person is lowered from a first floor window on a stretcher. Titles: "Events of 1960. Photographed & Edited by WOII R.E. Alexander" & "Initiative Test, 6th/7th February"; shots of soldiers pushing a raft into the water; a soldier stands on a small barge on the river. Title: "Combined Operations with H.M.S. "Plover" 26th/27th March"; soldiers board a ship along a gangway; shots of sailors and the ship as it leaves the harbour. Shots of soldiers landing on a beach in small dinghies; the soldiers return to the ship. Title: "Annual Camp, Millom, Cumberland 18th June - 2nd July 1960"; shot of a football match and wrestling. Soldiers marching through the countryside and completing manoeuvres after which dinner is served and eaten, the men wash themselves and their mess tins in the river. Title: ""At Home" Stoke Park, Guildford, 3rd September 1960"; shots of a military parade, bakers making bread rolls and various demonstrations; a military band plays. An aeroplane is seen overhead. Title: "Laying-Up of 1st BN Old Colours. Guildford Cathedral, 29th September 1960"; people entering the cathedral. Titles: "Regimental Tercentenary Year 1961" & "Battlefields Tour of Belgium and Holland Easter 1961"; shots of soldiers on a ship; barges on a canal; soldiers boarding a coach. Shots of a visit to a war cemetery; a bridge crossing the River Maas in the Netherlands; plaque commemorating the start of Operation Market Garden. Back on the coach the tour continues to Brussels, the Atomium can be seen through trees in the distance; shots of the men boarding the ship for the return journey; shots of the harbour as the boat departs.

"Annual Camp, Devon, 13th To 27th May"; shot of the soldiers getting off a Western National bus at the barracks; a marching band plays. Black and white shots of manoeuvres in the countryside. On a boat, soldiers listen as a captain talks to them. Shots of a helicopter landing and taking off at the barracks; soldiers climb on board and then abseil from the helicopters. Aerial shots of the barracks and surrounding countryside. Title: "The End".