Title ID 168Collection ID378
TitleSussex Crusade
CollectionLewis Family
KeywordsBeaches Children Music Parades Parks Piers [Palace Pier, Brighton] Religious Activities
RegionalBrighton and Hove
NationalEngland United Kingdom
ProductionD. Lewis
ParticipantsEric Hutchings
FormatStandard 8mm Mixed Colour and Black & White Sound
Duration31min. 10sec.
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A film with a retrospective commentary about the Sussex Crusade in 1962. Organised by the Sussex Crusade Fellowship, this Christian evangelistic event held ten meetings across the county which culminated in a series of crusade meetings at Brighton Palladium led by evangelist Eric Hutchings.


An adult baptism takes place in the sea at Brighton near the Palace Pier, a crowd is gathered on the beach to watch and an even larger crowd is looking on from the promenade. A title reads "Sussex Crusade" as the narrator begins a retrospective commentary about the Sussex Crusade - a Christian evangelistic event. There is a close-up shot of a poster laying on the ground advertising the Eric Hutchings crusade in Sussex. Shots outside Brighton Station and the clock tower follow whilst the narrator explains the background to the crusade. Music plays in the background. There are shots of the crusade office at Grenville Place with the staff working whilst the narrator talks about their work. Scenes of the Victoria Gardens follow whilst the narrator talks about the Christian faith. The narrator introduces the staff as they line up outside the office. Shots follow from the inside of the Brighton Palladium on West Street with seats laid out in preparation for the crusade. The narrator introduces the crusade manager and a helper as they prepare the venue. The office staff walk in the countryside, having a break from their work. The Salvation Army band play on the sea front - the beach is crowded as a man preaches to people who are gathered around the band. The narrator talks about the different Christian groups from Sussex who are involved in the crusade, whilst music plays in the background. Children are gathered at an evangelistic tent meeting on a housing estate in a Sussex town. The children are led in song, after which, excited children gather in front of the camera. Fast-moving night time shots of Brighton town centre follow, after which a young woman is seen reading a book. The narrator explains how councillors and advisers are busy preparing for the crusade and talks about the Sussex Crusade Fellowship, before highlighting some members of the organising committee. A marching band processes along West Street, whilst coaches arrive outside the Palladium. Recorded hymn singing from the crusade is playing in the background. More people arrive at the venue whilst a soundtrack of the crusade meeting plays in the background - a man is leading enthusiastic hymn singing. Black and white shots of the crusade meeting follow, a large choir is being led by a conductor on a podium and hymn singing is accompanied by a piano, violin and an organ. A young woman is introduced and sings a solo before Eric Hutchings addresses the assembled crowd. He encourages them to commit their lives to Christ and reads passages from the Bible. People leave the Palladium to the sound of hymn singing, there are colour shots of the now empty seats and the narrator reminisces about the crusade. Mr and Mrs Hutchings are seen leaving the Palladium and the film ends with shots of a sunset in the countryside. Title: "The End".